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March 31, 2014  8:22 PM

A Last Hurrah: It’s Been a Good Run, But…

Posted by: Ed Tittel
IT Career JumpStart blog ends 3/31/2014, IT Career JumpStart blog shuts down, IT careers

Dear Readers: It's been my great pleasure and privilege to have worked on this blog since August 4, 2008. Over that period, I've posted 782 times here (including this post) for an average of 11.5 posts per month. Considering that my target was 12 posts per month, but that life (and vacations)...

March 31, 2014  2:02 PM

Best Skills Gap Infographic in Recent Memory

Posted by: Ed Tittel
EMC infographic illustrates IT skills gap, EMC sees skills needed for cloud virtualization & big data, IT careers

emc-snip As something of a connoisseur of...

March 24, 2014  1:58 PM

VMware Training: Register Early to Save Money and …

Posted by: Ed Tittel
IT careers, register 3 or more weeks early for VMware class for 15% discount, VMware offers discounts to early class registrants, VMware training discount

Sometimes, when a cert program mandates training for its certification candidates, it's nothing more nor less than a money grab. One of the notable exceptions to this principle is VMware, which has required authorized training (from itself or registered training partners) since the inception of its...

March 19, 2014  2:04 PM

MS IT Academy Video on Resume Building & Interview Techniques

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Great tips for job hunters, IT careers, MS Learning has great job interview video, MS Learning offers resume building video

I watched a nice video featuring Dr. Jeff Johnson, and Academic Solutions Specialist at Microsoft Learning this morning. Entitled "

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March 17, 2014  2:06 PM

Cisco offers Premium Learning Network Subscription

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Cisco adds subscription offer to support cert candidates, Cisco Learning Premium Subscription GREAT deal, Cisco Premium cert subscription, IT careers

Normally, the words "premium" and "expensive" tend to be more or less interchangeable. So when I started digging into Cisco Learning's "

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March 14, 2014  1:08 PM

Addressing the IT Skills Gap

Posted by: Ed Tittel
education key to closing IT skills gap, IT careers

It's a classic "good news/bad news" scenario, but one that offers a ray of hope or sunshine to recent workforce entrants, college students, and those on their way up through the US secondary school system. If you run this

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March 12, 2014  12:54 PM

SQL Server Exam Update Coming in April

Posted by: Ed Tittel
IT careers

Over at the Born to Learn blog, Larry Kaye of Microsoft Learning has posted an item entitled "Certification...

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March 10, 2014  1:56 PM

A Long and Interminable Period of Slow Growth Mode Continues

Posted by: Ed Tittel
IT careers

In watching the unfolding of the monthly reports from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, I've been struck by the rhythm and pacing of the economic recovery that has occurred in the 5-6 years that have now elapsed since the recession of 2008-2009. Last months figures, release on Friday, March 7,...

March 5, 2014  3:51 PM

A Worthy Vendor-neutral Social Media Cert: SMS

Posted by: Ed Tittel
IT careers, new SMS social media cert worthwhile, SMS is a quality social media cert, Social Media Strategist (SMS) certification

SMS stands for "Social Media Strategist" and it's a serious, well-implemented credential for aspiring IT professionals seeking to labor in the general arena of social media. I spent half an hour on the phone this morning with Eric Mills, the founder of the National Institute for Social Media...

March 3, 2014  3:34 PM

HP Adds Another SDN Cert For Technical Sales Types

Posted by: Ed Tittel
HP adds technical sales SDN cert, HP plans architect-level SDN cert for Q2 2014, IT careers, SDN certification

In a sign that the SDN cert scene is heating up, HP has added another professional certification to its ExpertOne program with distinct SDN overtones. Although this credential comes with the following¬†bland and uninformative¬†cognomen -- namely,¬†"   Bookmark and Share     0 Comments     RSS Feed     Email a friend

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