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April, 2012

April 30, 2012  3:36 PM

Cisco Certs Change Gears for Service Provider Credentials

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Cisco launches 6 new service provider certs for design and operations at CCNA CCNP and CCIE levels

In the last couple of weeks, Cisco has changed its cert program to retire some credentials primarily aimed at individuals who work (or want to work) for service providers, while introducing new credentials to round out this part of their program and to take their place. Thus on April 18, the...

April 27, 2012  5:17 PM

Interesting signs of possible IT improvement? Maybe…

Posted by: Ed Tittel
2012 salary and skills survey shows modest signs of improvement, IT spending for 2012 to grow fastest in developing countries

A recent training and certification vendor survey from Global Knowledge (with Website TechRepublic) and a Gartner survey on IT spending both dispense some rays of welcome sunshine on an otherwise cloudy economic landcape for the industry. I'm talking about these items:

April 25, 2012  2:23 PM

Microsoft Learning Sponsors Scholarship awards

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Microsoft supports IT cert and training scholarships for winners in 13 countries, MSL DPE scholarship program

Last month, Microsoft announced recipients of 13 scholarship awards from a global collection of countries as part of its Twenty...

April 23, 2012  1:39 PM

Twenty-somethings Are in Their “Defining Decade”

Posted by: Ed Tittel
the formative impact of the twenties on life career and family, twenty-somethings can establish lifelong learning habits to maximize their IT career potential

I heard a fascinating story on NPR yesterday morning while showering after my every-other-day stint on the stationary bike. It's based on a recent book by University of Virginia clinical psychologist Meg Jay entitled

April 20, 2012  6:49 PM

Should You Spring for ILT Classroom Training?

Posted by: Ed Tittel
evaluating pros and cons of ILT classroom cert training, how to decide if expensive classroom training makes sense for your cert credential

A wise man once told me that the answer to any good question always begins with the same two words -- namely "That depends..." In this case the good question has been popping up in numerous e-mails and blog post comments. It comes in a variety of forms, of course, but I'll simply summarize them...

April 16, 2012  3:47 PM

CompTIA: Going Social, Getting Mobile

Posted by: Ed Tittel
CompTIA makes social media and mobility training available to the IT channel, CompTIA puts seal of approval on mobility and social media

You know that technology and communication trends are becoming accepted and entrenched when CompTIA picks them up and starts running with them. I don't mean this as a criticism: the organization can't afford to get too far ahead of the curve, or it risks leading the rank and file of its membership...

April 13, 2012  2:35 PM

Has “Building Windows 8″ gone quiet?

Posted by: Ed Tittel
15 days since last Building Windows 8 blog, current lag since last Building Windows 8 blog is more than double media gap and almost triple the average

Hmm... Interesting! I'm looking at the Building Windows 8  (BW8) blog right now and doing some rough-n-ready frequency analysis. It's been 15 days since the last post to the blog ("

April 13, 2012  1:57 PM

Which little pig built the house for our current economy?

Posted by: Ed Tittel
economic jitters show weak improvement, recent economic and hiring numbers fail to encourage or enthuse

In pondering recent economic and employment news, especially hiring and unemployment filing trends, I find myself wondering which of the three little pigs built the house in which our current economy lives. I'm quite sure it's not made of brick, so it's pretty much up to sticks and straw. Zounds! I...

April 11, 2012  2:04 PM

Ten IT Jobs Employers Have Trouble Filling

Posted by: Ed Tittel
combining technical knowledge with communication skills delivers lots of interesting potential payoffs, IT jobs that are hard to fill suggest useful areas for personal learning and development

An interesting story appeared on TechRepublic last week (April 6): entitled "10 IT job roles that are hardest to fill," it recites a list of IT jobs that employers often...

April 9, 2012  1:58 PM

Continuing the Convergence of IT Education and Certification

Posted by: Ed Tittel
foundational certs becoming commonplace elements in secondary and tertiary education, increasing convergence of IT education and certification

I've been watching and reporting on the increasing tendency for IT education programs to incorporate elements of IT certification for years now, and have noticed the pace of convergence picking up over the last three years. Along those lines, there's a fascinating story from Ray Kelly, the CEO of...

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