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January, 2012

January 30, 2012  5:39 PM

Persistence Pays Off in IT Newbie’s Job Search

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Latest TIP blog tells an inspriring first-IT-job landed story, Tom's IT Pro reader provides valuable tips for first-time IT job seekers

These days, I'm blogging for three Web sites about IT career and certification topics. In addition to this very blog, you can also find me opining and reporting on such subjects at least weekly for:

  • Tom's IT Pro:

January 27, 2012  5:53 PM

Interview with Liberty Munson, Microsoft Psychometrician and Cert Exam Maven

Posted by: Ed Tittel

Anybody who reads the Microsoft Born to Learn blog can only go so long before encountering a post from Microsoft's Psychometrician Program Manager. I regularly mention her in my blogs here (most recently on December 19 in a post entitled "

January 25, 2012  8:12 PM

Cisco Data Center Specialist Certs Get New Lease on Life

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Cisco changes update release dates for some data center specialist exams, Cisco data center exams for network infrastructure and unified computing extended until 5/7/2012

When new certification exams and credentials experience a schedule slip, the old credentials they replace sometimes get a new lease on life in the process. That's what I believe is behind the announcement in the January 2012 Learning@Cisco newsletter entitled "

January 23, 2012  3:55 PM

MS Jump Start for Private Cloud Cert

Posted by: Ed Tittel
2-day free Private Cloud training class now available for signup, MS already offering free private cloud Jump Start class online

Last Thursday, I blogged about Microsoft's new Private Cloud certification, which represents the company's first "real" cloud-oriented certification credential. Although...

January 20, 2012  3:29 PM

Nice Dip in Latest 1st-Time Unemployment Claims

Posted by: Ed Tittel
First-time employment claims for week ending 1/14/2012 take a turn for the better, nice dip in first time unemployment claims

The numbers for first-time unemployment claims for the week ending 1/14/2012 are in, and they tell an interesting story. Although numbers for the previous week moved back above the 400,000 line for the first time since last November to 402,000, the numbers for the current reporting week dropped to...

January 18, 2012  3:33 PM

Microsoft Offers “Private Cloud” Certification

Posted by: Ed Tittel
New MCITP on Private Clouds announced, Private Cloud certification is only second MCITP to require 5 exams

Yesterday, Microsoft executive Satya Nadella (President of the Server and Tools Division) laid out the parameters for the company's so-called private cloud solution, and Erika Cravens posted information about a related certification to the Born to Learn blog ("

January 17, 2012  3:34 PM

Another Take on Certs vs. Degrees

Posted by: Ed Tittel
college degrees and IT certs are very different animals, employers want both college degrees and IT certs from job applicants

Thanks to a regular correspondent and professional associate of mine, I've been involved recently in an interesting discussion about college degrees versus IT certifications. I wrote

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January 13, 2012  3:48 PM

Interesting Viewpoints on IT Certification

Posted by: Ed Tittel
certs are like merit badges as ogres are like onions, important to really learn cert topics, Packet Pushers and the Network Nerd offer great networking blogs

It's not every day that I sit down at my desk to read my email, and wind up thanking my lucky stars to have such great friends and colleagues to work and interact with. For me, this was one of those days as I read through a short missive from my friend and colleague Jeff Carrell (the...

January 11, 2012  10:56 PM

In some cases you can have too many options!

Posted by: Ed Tittel
MS matching questions on cert exams can offer 15 to 16 options!, new MS question types pose interesting challenges

I just exchanged some Google+ interaction with an old friend and colleague who's busily engaged in retooling himself from the role of SharePoint to Exchange guru. He's let me know that the new question item types that Microsoft has added to its exams are becoming pretty prevalent (I blogged about...

January 9, 2012  4:48 PM

Thoughts on the value of high-dollar cert training

Posted by: Ed Tittel
if you pay your own way self-study is the way to go, self-study vs classroom/online cert training is often a matter of money

In the past three or four months, I've gotten at least half-a-dozen e-mails from IT professionals (some entry-level, some unemployed, and some already beavering away at IT jobs) asking for my advice on laying out serious cash for training and exam support for various certifications. Let me provide...

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