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February, 2011

February 28, 2011  8:58 PM

MCCC Numbers Come Back from Feb 24 Iteration

Posted by: Ed Tittel
check out the MCCC registration page, Good numbers from latest MCCC, great reaction to our "Certs in Academia" presentation at 2-24-2011 MCCC

[caption id="attachment_1278" align="aligncenter" width="444" caption="Above MCCC overall totals Below Preso numbers for Certification in Academia"]

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February 25, 2011  5:00 PM

Resume Tips from the Trenches

Posted by: Ed Tittel
observations from MCCC resumes submitted for review, resume tips for IT pros, the good bad and ugly from a recent pool of reviewed resumes

As part of my "friendly services" to Microsoft Certified Career Conference attendees who bothered to drop in on my post-presentation Q&A sessions last week, I volunteered to provide feedback on about half-a-dozen different resumes during...

February 24, 2011  5:28 PM

Windows 7 SP1 Hits Windows Update

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Win7 SP1 now completely public, Windows 7 SP1 now available through Windows Update and Windows Download Center

It's here. Windows 7 SP1 is now available for download through Windows Update. This is what your download Window will look like if you expand the view of Important Updates inside the WU interface: [caption id="attachment_1268" align="aligncenter" width="447" caption="The inside scoop on Win7 SP1...

February 24, 2011  5:10 PM

Recent CompTIA Study Sheds Interesting Light on Employer Views on IT Certs

Posted by: Ed Tittel
CompTIA studies value of IT certs with hiring managers and HR professionals, IT certs count on the job but not as much as track record experience and accomplishments

In an early February press release, CompTIA shared some insights gleaned from a recent survey it performed that involved 1,700 hiring managers and HR staff at businesses and organizations of all kinds and sizes in the US, UK, and South Africa (see

February 21, 2011  10:54 PM

VMWare Offers Desktop Virtualization Cert

Posted by: Ed Tittel
VCA-DT certification exam now available, VMWare adds first desktop virtualization cert to its stable of offerings, VMWare Certified Associate 4 -Desktop

[caption id="attachment_1262" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Header from the new VMWare Virtual Desktop Certification exam & cert"]

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February 18, 2011  4:22 PM

Second MCCC Presentation Outshines the First

Posted by: Ed Tittel
degrees and certs are good together, degrees and certs beat degrees vs. certs, earn college credit for your MS certs, learn more about MS cert programs for academia

At 7:30 Central last evening, I jumped back into the fray at the second Microsoft Certified Career Conference (MCCC) for my second presentation of the day with Jeff Johnson, Microsoft Learning's Academic Area Lead for North America. We had a 1-hour time slot and used almost 50 minutes in giving...

February 17, 2011  9:23 PM

Catch Me Today at MCCC! IT Certification Success Rides Again

Posted by: Ed Tittel
29 articles of cert advice and analysis available at, Ed Tittel presenting at MCCC 2/17/2011, Ed Tittel revises and expands IT Certification Success for 2011

I'm on and off the conference software all day long today, and blogging catch as catch can. This morning I delivered a presentation entitled "IT Certification Success: From Book to Site." It describes my book of the same name (IT Certification Success, that is) that went...

February 14, 2011  3:44 PM

Emmett Dulaney Scores Big with Cert Exam Tip #1 for 2011

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Emmett Dulaney column, Emmett Dulaney provides peachy tips for handling scenario and exhibit questions on cert exams, prepping for complex scenario-based cert exam questions

Mr. Dulaney and I have both been working the "IT certification patch" since the mid-1990s, and I always enjoy reading his weekly column for His latest effort is no exception, and...

February 11, 2011  3:56 PM

Cisco Launches Virtual Classroom Instructor Specialist Cert

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Cisco introduces Virtual Classroom Instructor Specialist certification, Cisco leverages WebEx to build virtual training credential

This week Cisco added another considerable arrow to its learning quiver, with the introduction of the Cisco Virtual Classroom Instruction Specialist credential. Leveraging the...

February 9, 2011  7:49 PM

“IT Certification Success” Rides Again

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Ed Tittel revises "IT Certification Success" in Web-based form, IT Cert Success content hits

Back in 2000, I created a special volume for the Exam Cram series of books designed to augment their exam-focused coverage and content. This book was called IT Certification Success and it went through four editions in the period from 2000 to 2003, during which...

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