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July 23, 2009  3:50 AM

The Tsunami of Data Keeps Rolling In

Posted by: MarkHolt
data center, Data Center Jobs, Gates in a suit, Integrity, Storage, Storage Hell

The IT world is losing its soul. Or at least its buried in a avalanche of files and folders. The game just a few years ago was Paradigm-Shifting and World-Changing. But that was then. These days new IT solutions have all the pizzazz of my dad's '66 AMC Classic sedan. Apparently things are...

July 3, 2009  7:21 PM

Ten things to NEVER put in your resume if you want to work in IT

Posted by: MarkHolt
data center, Data Center Jobs, resume, salary before the crash, top ten bad things

Avoid the derisive laughter!
Remove these 10 unsightly blemishes from your file and get back on the job!

No, I didn't make all of them up. . . just ask the HR folks.

1. URL to your "Timesheets: Copy-and-Paste tips" blog

2. ...

June 20, 2009  8:42 AM

Dad’s Guest Blogger

Posted by: MarkHolt
dad, dads, data center, Data Center Jobs, fathers day, star trek

I asked my college-age daughter Lindsay, to post her Father's Day thoughts on having a dad who does IT. Here's her response. Greetings, blogosphere! Wow, this is great, you guys are really great. It’s so nice of you to come out and read this stuff. You’re beautiful. I know...

May 23, 2009  4:51 AM

Did I Wear a Dress Today?

Posted by: MarkHolt
cats, change, change management, data center, Data Center Jobs, Dr John Townsend

It is remarkable how easily we…fall into a particular route and make a beaten track for ourselves. Thoreau, Walden Pond People are like cats. I know dog is man’s best friend, but people (meaning me) aren’t like dogs, even though we like to think we are…all...

May 5, 2009  3:43 AM

Quirky and Difficult People Are Worth Keeping

Posted by: MarkHolt
data center, Data Center Jobs, IT Job Market, work life balance

One of the challenges of job hunting, maybe the hardest one, is to stay motivated. Not the motivation that comes from sales calls during dinner, which provides the motivation to flush the phone down the toilet. True motivation comes from something more personal. It’s the feeling we get from...

April 17, 2009  6:37 AM

Please rate our interview process on a scale one to five

Posted by: MarkHolt
data center, Data Center Jobs, interviewer questions, job application treatment, job survey, Office Space

    “Revenge is wicked, and unchristian and in every way unbecoming...(But it is powerful sweet, anyway)"

April 5, 2009  1:54 PM

Running your IT job search like a business project

Posted by: MarkHolt
data center, Data Center Jobs, IT Job Market, job search, job searching, manage job searches

Here’s a breakout idea. Stop meandering through the employment universe pinging off Monster and veering into random sites. Gather up loose ends, get a clean sheet of paper and Start a Project. I don't mean the usual untamed IT monster spawning more and more projects like a Möbius...

March 23, 2009  2:14 AM

Riding the Waves of Change with my Crewmates

Posted by: MarkHolt
contractor wages, data center, Data Center Jobs

I'm doing some contract work now - no more hanging out with the dog and the TV remote. Nice to be on the job, but working with this crew feels a little like signing on to a whaling ship. We're all thrown together from the four corners of the globe for a few months; then we disband and look for...

March 20, 2009  5:44 PM

Recruiters circle like vultures to fill last three open IT jobs in America

Posted by: MarkHolt
data center, Data Center Jobs

Weird really, how I see the same pattern in my job search. A company posts an open position through their own system or online, and within minutes I start getting emails and calls from recruiters. Well, not really recruiters more like contractors, or those guys who used to troll through the...

February 27, 2009  4:23 PM

Back into the interview process after decades in corporate culture

Posted by: MarkHolt
Data Center Jobs

Bargaining: To paraphrase some important Frenchman, “If you are 20 and don’t believe you can change the world, you have no heart”. Starting out in the job market, the future was mine, the world my oyster. But truthfully, in interviews I was learning more about myself than the...

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