Observations on the IT Job Market:

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January 12, 2010  12:21 PM

Survival Mode

Posted by: MarkHolt
cable guy, contracting, datacenter, datacenter jobs, it jobs, overqualified

Over the holidays, the college kids trooped home, looked around, and wondered what had changed. At least mine did. She asked if I was working more hours and why we focused on more personal, less expensive gifts. There was the unspoken question of what had happened to my career path...had I taken...

November 15, 2009  12:17 AM

Job Sites for the Easy-going IT Lifestyle

Posted by: MarkHolt
datacenter, datacenter jobs, easy jobs, job sites for laid back IT workers, jobs for my lifestyle, Zune

Never run when you can walk, never walk when you can stand, never stand when you can sit down and never sit when you can lie down" Satchel Paige Kirkzune

October 15, 2009  3:38 AM

Who Moved My Cheez-its?

Posted by: MarkHolt
changes, datacenter, datacenter jobs, rats in a maze, tech bubble, who moved my cheese

I hate Scurry. Sniff is practical, inquisitive. But that other one is just a hyperactive little rodent. In ‘98,...

September 10, 2009  2:55 AM

Conversation Tweets of IT Couple Working the Coffee Counter

Posted by: MarkHolt
barista as a second life, datacenter, datacenter jobs, techs making lattes, twitter

twit pillow Very private pillow-talk-tweets of an ex-IT power couple, taking the only jobs left in...


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