Observations on the IT Job Market:

July, 2009


July 23, 2009  3:50 AM

The Tsunami of Data Keeps Rolling In

Posted by: MarkHolt
data center, Data Center Jobs, Gates in a suit, Integrity, Storage, Storage Hell

The IT world is losing its soul. Or at least its buried in a avalanche of files and folders. The game just a few years ago was Paradigm-Shifting and World-Changing. But that was then. These days new IT solutions have all the pizzazz of my dad's '66 AMC Classic sedan. Apparently things are...

July 3, 2009  7:21 PM

Ten things to NEVER put in your resume if you want to work in IT

Posted by: MarkHolt
data center, Data Center Jobs, resume, salary before the crash, top ten bad things

Avoid the derisive laughter!
Remove these 10 unsightly blemishes from your file and get back on the job!

No, I didn't make all of them up. . . just ask the HR folks.

1. URL to your "Timesheets: Copy-and-Paste tips" blog

2. ...


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