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March 18, 2008  12:39 AM

The iPhone – an Enterprise device?

Posted by: JohnWilder
Cell Phones, Exchange, IT department, Mobile, Telecommunications

Now that Apple has announced the long-awaited SDK for the iPhone, I thought it would be a good time to discuss mobile devices. We've had a policy restricting employees from purchasing their PDAs/Phones and tying them into our network, but over the past 5 years we've still managed to reach the point...

March 10, 2008  12:19 PM

Office (and File) Moves – Part 2

Posted by: JohnWilder
IT department, Macintosh

Perhaps the single biggest issue we encountered during our office move last weekend had more to do with moving files than it did with bringing a new office onto our network. Furthermore, this particular issue was one which we've encountered before, and it was also one for which we didn't have a...

March 5, 2008  9:23 PM

Office Moves – Part 1

Posted by: JohnWilder
IT department

In hindsight, perhaps this wasn't the best time for me to be launching a blog. Then again, in this line of work there's never a good time for anything. My company acquired a new office about a month ago, and we just spent the past weekend bringing them onto our network. As these maneuvers...

January 29, 2008  2:30 AM

IT in the Ad Biz – A Unique Challenge

Posted by: JohnWilder
IT department

Welcome to my blog about IT in the Advertising business. As the title of my first post suggests, this is indeed a strange and unique niche in the IT industry. While we face many of the same challenges as everyone else when it comes to providing IT support, the day-to-day challenges of providing...

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