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September 30, 2013  3:00 AM

Is IT Still Relevant?

Posted by: Beth Cohen
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When an inpatient business unit marketing manager with a credit card can stand up an instance of Salesforce in a matter of a few days, and many companies have long outsourced their daily IT operations, many business executives are questioning if a traditional centralized IT organization is the...

June 6, 2011  2:00 AM

Taking Business to the Clouds – Getting out of the Operations Ghetto

Posted by: Beth Cohen
Agile Methodologies, Business Value, Cloud Business strategy, cloud computing, Cloud Strategy, enterprise cloud services, IT business alignment, IT service delivery models, IT services

Question: Recently there has been a big push to develop private cloud computing services for the enterprise.  How can IT management really to take advantage of the benefits and avoid the hype? It is official.  Cloud computing is finally mainstream enough to...

May 27, 2010  9:00 PM

Evaluating Cloud Computing Services – Part 2

Posted by: Beth Cohen
cloud computing, Cloud IT, Cloud Services, IaaS, IT portfolio management, IT services, PaaS, SaaS

Question:  As a mid-sized enterprise customer, can I trust that the cloud is ready to be added to my portfolio of IT services?  What should I be looking for in cloud products that will meet my requirements? As we discussed in part 1, cloud services can be...

May 14, 2010  3:00 AM

Evaluating Cloud Computing Services – Part 1

Posted by: Beth Cohen
cloud computing, IaaS, IT portfolio management, IT services, PaaS, SaaS

Question:  With over 3000 products available in the cloud already, is there any way to classify them so that I can evaluate the services that fit my needs without going crazy? OK, we get it.  Cloud computing is big - really big.  In the interest of clearing...

April 2, 2010  3:30 AM

A New IT World Order – IT as a Utility

Posted by: Beth Cohen
cloud computing, innovation, IT Infrastructure, IT Innovation, IT services

Question:  It seems to me that IT is so for granted that it is rapidly becoming a commodity.  How will that trend affect the future of IT and business? IT services have turned into commodities.  Hardware platforms are close to completely interchangeable,...


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