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July 14, 2012  2:30 PM

Do We Really Need Cloud Standards?

Posted by: Beth Cohen
Amazon Cloud Services, business innovation, Cloud business models, Cloud Business strategy, cloud compliance, cloud computing, Cloud computing standards, cloud development platforms, Cloud migration, Cloud portfolio management, Cloud Services, Cloud Strategy, enterprise cloud, hybrid cloud, innovation, IT architectures, IT consultant, IT Innovation, IT organization strategy, IT service delivery models, managing Cloud Portfolios, technology innovation

Question:  I am working on building a cloud strategy for my company.  How can we avoid vendor lock-in? You would think that cloud technology would have standardized long time ago.  While network standards that shape the Internet have been widely accepted...

June 23, 2009  12:00 PM

Mapping Application Disaster Recovery to Business Requirements

Posted by: ITKE
Application testing, business continuity, Business Value, Disaster Recovery, IT consultant, IT Infrastructure, Security

Question: Now that my organization has acquired space at a  remote co-location data center and we've installed hardware, where do we need to consider in setting up recovery for our critical business applications? While it would be impossible in this forum to go into...

May 12, 2009  11:45 AM

Determining the Real Business Value of IT

Posted by: Beth Cohen
Business Value, IT, IT consultant, IT Infrastructure

Question:  What are some methodologies that can be used to help CIOs and other C-level executives define the business value of IT, particularly when all budgets are under increased scrutiny? This is an excellent question.  IT managers need to be able to...

May 4, 2009  12:00 AM

Welcome to Ask the IT Consultant

Posted by: Beth Cohen
IT consultant, IT Infrastructure, System integration

Question:  What is the Ask the IT Consultant Blog all about? How can I benefit from knowledge and expertise of this high powered network of IT consultants? The Ask the IT Consultant is officially open for business.  Welcome all to the Ask the IT...

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