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Disaster Recovery


March 4, 2012  2:00 AM

Cloud High Availability Take Two – Supporting Rack Level Failure

Posted by: Beth Cohen
BD/DR, business continuity, Cloud architectures, cloud computing models, Cloud computing standards, cloud data center, cloud hardware, cloud infrastructure, Cloud innovation, Cloud IT, Disaster Recovery, OpenStack

Question:  I am concerned that the network is...

January 15, 2012  3:00 PM

Cloud Redundancy – A different approach to component failure

Posted by: Beth Cohen
business continuity, Cloud business models, cloud computing, cloud computing models, Cloud Services, Disaster Recovery, enterprise cloud, enterprise cloud services, hardware failure, OpenStack

Question:  What is the best way to manage the thousands of components in a typical cloud?  How does managing "at scale" change my systems administration practices?

People have been managing data centers for 30-40 years now, so that should mean...

April 27, 2011  4:00 PM

Tangled Up in Clouds — Interdependency lessons from the AWS outage

Posted by: Beth Cohen
Amazon Cloud Services, Backup, Cloud architectures, cloud computing, Cloud IT, Cloud Services, data protection, Disaster Recovery, high availability, IT Infrastructure, leveraging IT investment, service level agreements, SLA

Question:  Amazon's recent AWS outage affected a surprisingly large number of sites.  What can we learn about cloud resiliency and how can we minimize these outages in the future? AWS, Amazon's hosted web services offering suffered a major outage with some...

April 13, 2010  10:00 PM

Real Life Business Continuity Planning

Posted by: ITKE
BC/DR, business continuity, Data center operations, Disaster Recovery, Enterprise datacenter

Question:  What are some operational considerations to expect while running a disaster recovery (DR) site during an actual disaster? You are in a panic.  Suddenly, your primary data center is down and you are planning to failover your business critical...

November 24, 2009  11:00 PM

Preparing IT for Flu Epidemics

Posted by: ITKE
business continuity, Business Value, Disaster Recovery


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October 12, 2009  2:00 AM

Disaster Recovery and Data Integrity

Posted by: ITKE
Backup, business continuity, Data Integrity, Disaster Recovery

Question: When recovering an application at a remote disaster recovery site, how can the data's integrity be verified before resuming production processing? One of the primary goals of a disaster recovery (DR) plan is to protect business data.  The RTO...

June 23, 2009  12:00 PM

Mapping Application Disaster Recovery to Business Requirements

Posted by: ITKE
Application testing, business continuity, Business Value, Disaster Recovery, IT consultant, IT Infrastructure, Security

Question: Now that my organization has acquired space at a  remote co-location data center and we've installed hardware, where do we need to consider in setting up recovery for our critical business applications? While it would be impossible in this forum to go into...


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