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April 8, 2013  6:00 PM

The Enterprise Finally gets Cloud

Posted by: Beth Cohen
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Yes, it is a bit trite to say it now, but Cloud Computing has become a multi-billion dollar business which really has revolutionized Information Technology consumption for both the consumer and enterprise markets. It is well established in the white hot consumer market, especially with the...

August 27, 2012  1:30 AM

Extreme Enterprise BYOD

Posted by: Beth Cohen
business innovation, business IT, Business Value, BYOD, cloud mobile computing, consumer IT innovation, Consumer IT technology, consumerization, emerging technology, enterprise, enterprise IT, infrastruture, innovation, IT business alignment, IT consultant, IT futures, IT governance, IT Infrastructure, IT Innovation, IT organization strategy, IT service delivery models, IT technology, New IT product innovation, risk management

Question:  What would happen if you took an employee owned devices policy to its logical extreme?  What would happen if companies stopped providing systems and devices to their workers and required them to use their own tools? Making employees buy their own...

May 21, 2011  5:30 PM

The Big Enterprise Technology Disconnect

Posted by: Beth Cohen
cloud computing, Cloud IT, cloud mobile computing, emerging technology, enterprise cloud services, enterprise IT, IT Innovation, mobile computing, technology innovation

Question:  How can we reconcile the rapid uptake of cloud, social networking and mobile communications in the consumer market with the cautious approach of the risk adverse enterprise?  Are big enterprises missing an opportunity or just being prudent?...


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