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November 24, 2009  11:00 PM

Preparing IT for Flu Epidemics

Posted by: ITKE
business continuity, Business Value, Disaster Recovery


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September 11, 2009  6:30 PM

Distributed Enterprise Data Risks

Posted by: Beth Cohen
Business Security, Business Value, cloud computing, Distributed systems, enterprise architectures, Supply chain

Question:  With all the talk about data on the cloud, is it possible to build a distributed enterprise architecture that addresses the issues of security and cost effective delivery without compromising business integrity? For example, let us say you are...

September 3, 2009  4:00 PM

Agile – The next big thing?

Posted by: Beth Cohen
Agile Methodologies, Business Value, IT Innovation, Scrum, Software development

Question:  What is behind claims that agile methodologies can increase software development productivity 10-100 times over traditional approaches?  Is this for real? I just spent a week with a wildly enthusiastic international crowd of 1400 agilists...

August 17, 2009  9:00 PM

Widgit Company – A Cloud Security Parable: Part 1

Posted by: Beth Cohen
Business Value, cloud computing, IT security, Privacy protection, vendor relations

Question:  Everyone is singing the praises of cloud computing, or at least all the vendors who are trying to sell services.  Just how safe is my confidential data on the cloud anyway? To put cloud computing business security risk in concrete terms, I will...

July 15, 2009  7:00 PM

More Clouds with a Chance of Storms

Posted by: Beth Cohen
Business Security, Business Value, cloud computing, innovation, IT Innovation, Security, technology innovation

Question:  What exactly are the top security issues that cloud vendors need to address? Somehow I am getting a sense of déjà vu on cloud security.  Don't get me wrong folks, but the cow is already out of the barn.  After all, more than 69% of all consumer...

June 23, 2009  12:00 PM

Mapping Application Disaster Recovery to Business Requirements

Posted by: ITKE
Application testing, business continuity, Business Value, Disaster Recovery, IT consultant, IT Infrastructure, Security

Question: Now that my organization has acquired space at a  remote co-location data center and we've installed hardware, where do we need to consider in setting up recovery for our critical business applications? While it would be impossible in this forum to go into...

June 17, 2009  12:00 PM

Part 2: Consumer Driven Business Innovation

Posted by: Beth Cohen
Business Value, cloud computing, Consumer IT technology, IT Innovation, New IT product innovation, technology innovation

Question:  Recently you wrote how the consumer market is the major driver of innovation.  How can you say that when IBM and HP are constantly developing new products for the enterprise? Last time, I talked about how the consumer markets are driving...

June 2, 2009  11:54 AM

Looking for Business Innovation in all the Right Places

Posted by: Beth Cohen
Business Value, consumer, innovation, technology

Question:  Where are the next major innovations in IT going to be coming from?  With the continued squeeze on businesses to run more efficiently, what do you see as the biggest market drivers? Unless you have been buried under a rock for the past few years,...

May 12, 2009  11:45 AM

Determining the Real Business Value of IT

Posted by: Beth Cohen
Business Value, IT, IT consultant, IT Infrastructure

Question:  What are some methodologies that can be used to help CIOs and other C-level executives define the business value of IT, particularly when all budgets are under increased scrutiny? This is an excellent question.  IT managers need to be able to...

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