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September 30, 2013  3:00 AM

Is IT Still Relevant?

Posted by: Beth Cohen
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When an inpatient business unit marketing manager with a credit card can stand up an instance of Salesforce in a matter of a few days, and many companies have long outsourced their daily IT operations, many business executives are questioning if a traditional centralized IT organization is the...

July 22, 2012  8:30 PM

The IT Operations Development Disconnect

Posted by: Beth Cohen
Agile Methodologies, application development, business innovation, business IT, cloud application development, Cloud Business strategy, cloud development platforms, Cloud operations, Cloud portfolio management, IT consultant

Question:  With all the talk of how effective DevOps is, why is it not more widely used as an IT organizational methodology? On paper, the concept of the development and operations part of an IT organization working in concert is wonderful.  In fairness when...

February 4, 2012  10:30 AM

Cloud Use Cases – Making the cloud work for you!

Posted by: Beth Cohen
application development, Cloud architectures, Cloud business models, Cloud Business strategy, cloud computing models, cloud infrastructure, enterprise, enterprise cloud services, IaaS, IT portfolio management, PaaS

Question:  My company is exploring building a private cloud.  What uses that will best leverage my cloud infrastructure investment?

The magic of the cloud is that it can do anything.  It is both robust and flexible, the best...


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