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May 31, 2012  3:42 AM

Security for your smartphone?

Posted by: Raj Perumal
Android, Kaspersky Mobile Security, smartphone

Hi folks! So if you're concerned about the security of your smartphone, Kaspersky has the solution for you. Our anti-virus friends have created a smartphone version of Kaspersky called Kaspersky Mobile Security. Not only does this product provide anti-virus, but it also provides privacy...

December 19, 2011  7:53 PM

Adobe Flash announced for Ice Cream Sandwich

Posted by: Raj Perumal
Adobe Flash, Android, Ice Cream Sandwich, smart phone, smartphone, tablet

Hi folks! So you may have heard that the Ice Cream sandwich os for Android didn't have anything announced for Flash as of yet. However, Adobe has just announced that they will indeed support Flash for the new Ice Cream sandwich operating system. This means they are making good on their promise...

September 30, 2011  11:33 PM

How many apps do you really need?

Posted by: Raj Perumal
Android, Apple, Apps, iPhone, Marketplace, smartphone

Hi folks! So when we hear about the war between Apple and Android, the number of apps always seems to come up. I don't remember exact numbers, but I remember reading somewhere that Apple had over 350K apps and Android Marketplace had over 250K apps. At this point, does it really matter? Does...

June 30, 2011  8:16 PM

Save your life with a smartphone!

Posted by: Raj Perumal
save life, smartphone

Hi folks! Now this is just cool! Apparently doctors have used smartphones to help save lives! As most of you smartphone users know, smartphones are great devices for taking pictures and sending them in a flash! As they say the best camera to have is the one you have readily available when you...

November 30, 2010  10:20 PM

BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express

Posted by: Raj Perumal
activesync, BES Express, BlackBerry, RIM, smart phone, smartphone, sync

Hi folks! So in the enterprise world there are a lot of you that use smart phones. Some of you use BlackBerries, some iPhones, some Android, and maybe even Windows 7 phones now. Now for the ActiveSync phones, life is easy. You just configure Exchange and away you go. No fuss no muss. This is as...

October 6, 2009  7:17 PM

Windows Mobile 6.5 to challenge BlackBerry and iPhone

Posted by: Raj Perumal
BlackBerry, cell phone, cellphone, iPhone, smartphone, Windows Mobile 6.5

Hello again! Windows Mobile 6.5 is released! And the world went, not really. I think Windows Mobile 6.5 has been...

June 30, 2009  3:31 PM

Microsoft Direct Push Technology

Posted by: Raj Perumal
BlackBerry, Exchange 2003, Exchange 2007, iPhone, Microsoft Direct Push Technology, mobile device, Palm Pre, push e-mail, smartphone, Windows Mobile

Hi folks, so I wanted to talk a little bit about push technology as it relates to mobile devices. This is something that RIM has had for a long time with it's BlackBerry devices. This was one of the major things that set RIM apart from the competition. For example, push technology is when you...

June 29, 2009  12:58 AM

RIM doing well despite the iPhone

Posted by: Raj Perumal
Apple, BlackBerry, business users, iPhone, Javelin, market share, personal users, RIM, smart phone, smartphone, social networking, Storm

Hi folks, so recently RIM has been claiming more market share due to their BlackBerry phones. Recent reports have pegged RIM at having 55 percent of the smart phone market share in the industry. This is more than any of the competing companies going against RIM. Even Apple! So despite the poor...

March 18, 2009  4:13 AM

The BlackBerry Curve 8900 AKA The Javelin

Posted by: Raj Perumal
3.2 MP, BlackBerry Curve 8900, BlackBerry Javelin, cell phone, Javelin, PDA, phone, Raj Perumal, smart phone, smartphone, The musings of an IT Consultant, UMA, WiFi

Hi folks, you might recall how I was really wanting to get my hands on a BlackBerry Javelin. Well I just picked up a BlackBerry Curve 8900 AKA the Javelin! After having used the BlackBerry Curve 8300 for a long time, I have to say I am suitably impressed. The Javelin is smaller, sleeker, and...


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