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October 31, 2011  8:46 PM

RIM facing lawsuits over outage

Posted by: Raj Perumal
BlackBerry, lawsuit, outage, RIM

Hi folks, unless you have been living under a rock, you have heard about the outage at RIM. For those of you in the IT support business, you had a few harrowing days where customers were ticked off because of the RIM situation. It's outages like this that are going to cause customers to go in...

July 31, 2011  10:21 PM

BlackBerry 7

Posted by: Raj Perumal
BlackBerry, RIM

Hi folks! So RIM is trying to come back with an announcement of BlackBerry 7. Seriously? Talk about a lame attempt at a comeback. RIM, listen up, you need to do more than what you are doing now! You're just doing the same things that got you into this mess in the first place. Your archaic...

July 2, 2011  10:23 PM

More letters for RIM

Posted by: Raj Perumal
BGR, BlackBerry, letters, RIM

Hi folks! So fresh on the heels of the anonymous letter for RIM, more employees have come forward and have submitted letters to BGR. BGR has posted two more letters here that you can read....

July 2, 2011  10:19 PM

RIM’s Response

Posted by: Raj Perumal
anonymous letter, BlackBerry, RIM

Hi folks! So RIM has responded to the anonymous employee that wrote the letter that is all over the web now. You can read RIM's response here. I read the letter and I have to say it didn't really impress...

June 30, 2011  8:26 PM

Microsoft to buy RIM?

Posted by: Raj Perumal
buyout, Microsoft, RIM, sale

Hi folks! So with RIM's troubles, rumours abound of a buyout! The latest word on the street is that Microsoft is kicking the tires to see if RIM is worth buying. Here is a purchase I...

June 30, 2011  8:12 PM

Split CEO and Chairman roles

Posted by: Raj Perumal
BlackBerry, CEO, Chairman, investor, RIM, split

Hi folks, so as you have probably read in the news RIM is having a whole host of troubles. Investors are calling for a split in roles for the head honchos and I couldn't agree more. Without a clearly defined leader, this just leads to confusion for the staff of RIM. They need to appoint a...

June 30, 2011  7:55 PM

RIM’s letter

Posted by: Raj Perumal
anonymous, BlackBerry, letter, RIM

Hi folks! So the pain keeps coming for RIM! An anonymous employee at RIM decided to call out the top brass at RIM and tell them everything they are doing wrong! If you read the letter it makes for some very entertaining reading. I have to say there are a lot of points the guy makes that make...

May 30, 2011  3:15 AM

Time for new strategy at RIM

Posted by: Raj Perumal
PE ratio, RIM, stocks

Hi folks! So if you have been following the saga of RIM, their stock prices have been plummeting and their PE ratio is pretty much in the toilet. How are they going to come back? I think it's time for them to adopt a new strategy. What they are doing now is just not working and it's time for the...

April 30, 2011  9:36 PM

RIM not doing so well with the PlayBook

Posted by: Raj Perumal
Playbook, RIM, tablet

Hi everyone, so from the sounds of things RIM is off to a shaky start. The PlayBook is out and it's not doing great. From tethering to lack of an email app at launch it seems RIM has completely lost touch with it's user base. Rumour has it that RIM's shares are going down too. RIM needs to...

March 31, 2011  9:15 PM

BlackBerry PlayBook

Posted by: Raj Perumal
BlackBerry, Playbook, RIM

Hi folks! So with the anticipation of the PlayBook's arrival, RIM is looking for developers! This goes back to my concerns about the device. A long time ago I mentioned that their biggest problem is software support. This is a problem that Apple and Google just don't have with their devices. RIM...

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