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January 10, 2012  2:10 AM

Cool Top Apps for the iPhone

Posted by: Raj Perumal
cool apps, iPhone, jailbreak, top 10, top 20, top apps

Hi folks! So now I have finally upgraded to iOS 5! I have to say it's not that bad, especially now that the jailbreak is out for it. I am running iOS 5 on an iPhone 4, so I don't have Siri yet. I don't feel that the iPhone 4S is a big enough upgrade from my iPhone 4, so i'll be waiting for the...

October 31, 2010  8:54 PM

Tethering for iPhone 4

Posted by: Raj Perumal
Cydia, iPhone 4, jailbreak, jailbroken, MyWi 4.0, tether, tethering

Hi folks, so if you are like me, you find yourself at client sites and without Internet access a lot because you aren't allowed to plug your company laptop into the network. So how do you get Internet access if you have an iPhone? Well jailbreak it of course! Then which app should you use?

October 31, 2010  7:34 PM

Jailbreaking legal with iPhone in US now

Posted by: Raj Perumal
iPhone, jailbreak, Limera1n

Hi everyone, unless you've been hiding under a rock, you've heard that there is an exception in the DMCA that jailbreaking is now legal. This is great news for iPhone users. You are no longer restricted to using a device that you paid for with your hard earned money the way Apple wants you to...


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