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September 30, 2010  8:47 PM

Flash and the iPhone

Posted by: Raj Perumal
Apple, browser, Flash, iPhone, web

Hi folks, so I finally get to chime in on the Flash fiasco with iPhone. Now that I have my iPhone 4, I have been doing a lot of web browsing with it. I have to say that the lack of flash hasn't been so bad that it makes me want to stop using the iPhone, but it has been annoying. I think as time...

June 30, 2010  9:19 PM

YouTube’s position on Flash and HTML5

Posted by: Raj Perumal
Flash, HTML5, YouTube

Hi folks, so if you have been following the hoopla, YouTube is the latest to weigh in on the Flash vs HTML5 debate! They recently announced that even though they acknowledge that HTML5 is a step in the right direction, Flash is still continue to be there. Now here is the interesting thing,...

April 30, 2010  10:46 PM

Apple and Flash

Posted by: Raj Perumal
Adobe, Apple, Flash, Steve Jobs

Hi folks, so what's the deal with this? Apparently Steve Jobs has slammed Flash. Wow, I don't think that's a great decision. I understand they want the lock on the software market but why slam flash? Flash is all over the Internet and releasing devices that don't support it isn't going to help...


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