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December 31, 2009  10:28 PM

Routers and Firewalls

Posted by: Raj Perumal
Cisco, Firewalls, routers

Hello again folks! Happy new year and happy holidays to everyone! I hope everyone had a great holiday season. So I wanted to talk about routers and firewalls today. You see one of the more common questions I get from customers is what is the difference? Well at it's core, a router is a device...

November 30, 2009  5:32 AM

Does your firewall do everything you need?

Posted by: Raj Perumal
CLI, Firewalls, gui, IDS, IPS

Hi folks! So as I've said before, not all network equipment is created equal. This includes firewalls. In my years of consulting I have had the pleasure of using countless hardware and software based firewall solutions. Everything seems to have it's advantages and disadvantages for certain...

June 26, 2008  2:28 PM

Any doesn’t always mean Any…

Posted by: Raj Perumal
firewall rules, Firewalls, IT consultant, Network Monitor, packet sniffer, Packet Sniffing, Wireshark

Hi folks, here's another little tidbit from the wonderful world of firewalls. In the consulting world I have had to work with my fair share of firewall products. From SMB based devices all the way to the larger Enterprise products. There is one thing that I have run into time and time again and...


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