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August 31, 2011  9:48 PM

Locking down iTunes

Posted by: Raj Perumal
enterprise, iPad, iPhone, iTunes, lockdown, locking down, parental controls, restricting

Hi folks! So here is a common question regarding iTunes. These days many people are starting to use iPads in the enterprise and are wondering how they can do this without allowing users to have full access to iTunes. There is a really easy way to achieve this! Implement parental controls!...

August 31, 2011  7:05 PM

HP A-Series Switches

Posted by: Raj Perumal
3Com, A-Series, Cisco, enterprise, H3C, HP, routers, routing, switches, switching

Hi folks! So recently I went away on some HP A-Series switch training. I was out in Toronto at some training provided by Avnet. The training was very comprehensive, and I got to learn a  lot of great things about HP's new series of enterprise switches which they acquired from the 3COM/H3C...

November 30, 2010  2:07 AM

Xbox 360 Kinect

Posted by: Raj Perumal
enterprise, hand gestures, Kinect, no controller, user interface

Hi folks! So I don't know how many of you have tried this device out yet, but I have and I am impressed. Now normally I don't write about gaming, and I'm not going to start now. But what I'm more concerned with is the device itself and how it relates to the real world. The Kinect has so many...

June 30, 2010  9:02 PM

The “size” of business…..

Posted by: Raj Perumal
enterprise, medium, small, SMB, The size of business

Hi folks, one of the things I tend to talk to clients about on a regular basis is about the "size" of their business. Some people classify themselves as small, some medium, and some enterprise. This is all good and well, but more often than not, people base this soley on number of employees. Now...

February 28, 2010  6:58 PM

Blades, storage and VMware

Posted by: Raj Perumal
blades, c-class blade system, C3000, enterprise, Hewlett Packard, HP, iSCSI, shorty, SMB, Storage, VMWare, vSphere

Hi folks, so one of the common questions I get is, should I go blades or rack servers? I love getting this question because it allows me to talk about some topics I'm really passionate about, blades, storage and VMware. Now when I talk to enterprise customers, this answer is pretty cut and dry....


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