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June 30, 2009  3:12 PM

Direct Connect SAS storage for HP Blades

Posted by: Raj Perumal
blade servers, blades, C Class, C3000, C7000, consolidation, DAS, Direct Connect SAS Storage, FC, Fiber Channel, Fibre Channel, HP BladeSystem, iSCSI, SAN, Storage, storage area network

Hello again folks, in the SMB world, especially during these economic times, we can't always spend all the money we want on storage. Generally customers are limited to looking at some pretty low end storage options. I have always been a proponent of usings Blades in the SMB along with...

May 25, 2009  12:37 AM

Racking HP BladeSystems

Posted by: Raj Perumal
C3000, C7000, interconnects, mezzanine mapping, racking a HP BladeSystem

One of the things I've seen a lot of is improper racking of HP BladeSystems. Sometimes people don't take the time to RTFM and end up putting the whole thing together wrong in the rack. You'd think this wouldn't be possible but it's not that hard to do. Two major things stand out wrong when...

May 23, 2009  1:20 AM

How to connect to the Brocade SAN Switch Interconnect in the HP C7000 BladeSystem

Posted by: Raj Perumal
Brocade, Brocade SAN Switch 4/24, C7000, HP BladeSystem, OA, Onboard Administrator

So you've just bought your new HP C7000 BladeSystem and you have some Brocade SAN switches plugged into the interconnect bays in the back. You've already racked the BladeSystem and now you're ready to configure things. You go to the back to find a console port to connect to but notice that...


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