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September 30, 2010  8:44 PM

The BlackBerry PlayBook

Posted by: Raj Perumal
Android, app support, BlackBerry, iPhone, Playbook, RIM

Hi folks! So unless you have been hiding under a rock, you would have heard about the announcement of the BlackBerry PlayBook by now. So what is it? It's RIM's answer to the iPad. Now that Apple has made tablet computing hip and cool, RIM has thrown their hat in the ring. The question is, will...

September 30, 2010  8:37 PM

The BlackBerry Torch

Posted by: Raj Perumal
BlackBerry, iPhone, RIM, Torch

Hi folks! So the BlackBerry Torch is here, and I have had a chance to try it out. I tried one the other day and I have to say it is an improvement over older generation BlackBerries but it's not nearly enough. Sure you can do all sorts of things with the Torch, but I still don't find it as...

July 31, 2010  10:43 PM

Lost your phone? There’s an app for that!

Posted by: Raj Perumal
BlackBerry, lost phone, Where's my Phone?

Hi folks! So as you know, there aren't many great apps for the BlackBerry as compared to the competition. But fortunately there is this one great app to help out those users that have BlackBerries and have lost them. The app is called Where's My Phone? and I have to say it works wonders! The app...

July 31, 2010  10:14 PM

Time to switch smartphones

Posted by: Raj Perumal
Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, RIM

Hello again folks! So the time has finally come. For what you might ask? Time to switch phones! For the past many years I have been an avid BlackBerry user and fan. But I have to say enough is enough. Now is the time for me to switch. I will be switching my phone to an iPhone 4 as soon as Rogers...

June 30, 2010  9:36 PM

RIM projections not good…..

Posted by: Raj Perumal
Android, BlackBerry, iPhone

Hi everyone, so in the blogosphere there is a lot of talk about RIM. There was recent news that they aren't doing as good as they should be right now. RIM has started to make some moves, along the lines of the App Store and making a neutered version of BES free for use. But I think this is all...

May 31, 2010  3:13 PM

BES 4 to 5 Upgrade woes

Posted by: Raj Perumal
BES 5 upgrade, BlackBerry, controller service fails to start, RIM

Hi folks, have you taken the plunge and upgraded to BES yet? Apparently a lot of people have had issues with the upgrade. I wanted to address one issue I've run into that has a simple fix. The issue happens when upgrading from 4.1.7 to BES 5. The controller service fails to start and the error...

April 30, 2010  10:43 PM

iPhone is taking off

Posted by: Raj Perumal
Apple, BlackBerry, iPhone, RIM

Hi folks! So how many of you own an iPhone? I don't yet but even I who am historically a BlackBerry user am sorely tempted to convert. Why is that? Because they are just so usable. There are so many great apps for so many things and the device itself is easy to use. Recently it's been reported...

January 25, 2010  11:27 PM

WordPress App for BlackBerry

Posted by: Raj Perumal
BBMetaBlog, BlackBerry, blogging, ITKE, WordPress, WordPress for BlackBerry

Hi folks! Continued from my last post, I found an even better app for posting to your ITKE blog. It's called WordPress for BlackBerry! To install it, first download WordPress for BlackBerry from here. Then after you install it, enter your...

January 25, 2010  5:46 PM

Blog posts to ITKE using your BlackBerry

Posted by: Raj Perumal
BBMetaBlog, BlackBerry, Blog, ITKE, post, RIM

Hi folks! So I've been looking for a way to post to my ITKE from my BlackBerry and I think I have found the way. With the help of ITKE's Michael Morisy he has pointed me in the direction of Christina Warren's blog...

January 21, 2010  10:18 PM

Pushing out apps via BES

Posted by: Raj Perumal
BES, BlackBerries, BlackBerry, centralized management, push application, push software, RIM

Hello again folks! So have you ever wondered how you can use BES for just more than syncing your email to your BlackBerries? Well there is one thing that is great, and that's centralized management! With BES you can push your own software out to the BlackBerries in the field fairly easily. It...

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