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January 21, 2010  10:18 PM

Pushing out apps via BES

Posted by: Raj Perumal
BES, BlackBerries, BlackBerry, centralized management, push application, push software, RIM

Hello again folks! So have you ever wondered how you can use BES for just more than syncing your email to your BlackBerries? Well there is one thing that is great, and that's centralized management! With BES you can push your own software out to the BlackBerries in the field fairly easily. It...

December 31, 2009  11:46 PM

Low Battery Life in BlackBerries

Posted by: Raj Perumal
Add new tag, apps running in the background, BlackBerries, low battery life, open apps, RIM

Hi folks, one of the most common things that happen with BlackBerries is low battery life. Numerous times i've had people tell me that their BlackBerry battery is draining too fast for their own good. People ask me how I manage to use my BlackBerry as often as I do and don't have to recharge it...

June 30, 2009  12:54 PM

BlackBerry app making a buzz!

Posted by: Raj Perumal
BigTinCan, BlackBerries, BlackBerry, BuzzMe, RIM, ring and vibrate

Hi folks, so there is this cool new app for all you BlackBerry users out there. It's called BuzzMe and it's made by BigTinCan! What does this app do? It vibrates your BlackBerry of course! Now you may ask, why the heck would I want that, my BlackBerry already vibrates! True, but does your...


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