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April 8, 2014  5:44 PM

Transparency, business-wide buy-in key components of GRC strategy

Posted by: Ben Cole
CIO, GRC, information risk management, Information security

The recent news that a former Microsoft employee was being charged by federal prosecutors for providing confidential company software code to a tech blogger raised interesting questions. While the former employee's acts were certainly criminal, there was also controversy concerning

February 28, 2014  3:03 PM

RSA 2014: Four luminaries discuss underestimated security threats

Posted by: Ben Cole
CIO, security solutions

(This blog post was written by Christina Torode, Editorial Director of SearchCIO Media Group) I spent a whirlwind trip to the RSA conference this week in San Francisco hanging out in the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) booth, catching up with the group's members as they...

August 26, 2013  7:05 PM

GRC, big data require law firms to reexamine information governance

Posted by: Ben Cole
CIO, compliance audit, compliance management, cyber security, data breaches, data protection, data security and storage, e-discovery, information governance, Information security, Law, Law firm

Big data presents numerous data governance challenges: Regulatory compliance, information security and risk management and are all complicated by the amount of data generated by the average business today. Law firms are very affected by this exponential data growth and the increased

July 24, 2013  8:56 PM

U.S. cybersecurity concerns continue for public, private sector

Posted by: Ben Cole
CIO, cybersecurity strategy, cybersecurity threats, cybersecurity training, Obama

Gaping holes in U.S. cybersecurity -- especially vulnerabilities relating to trade secrets -- remain a top concern for the Obama administration as it struggles to get industry on board with digital security efforts.

Consider these reports: Last week, a New York Times article...

July 8, 2013  6:51 PM

A records retention schedule helps assure efficiency and defensibility

Posted by: Ben Cole

(This blog post was written by Marilyn Bier, chief executive officer for ARMA International.) It's tempting to hang on to every document and every email message we create and receive because we think there's always a chance it will be needed again. It's especially easy to

May 2, 2013  7:24 PM

Predictive coding: It’s not just for e-discovery any more

Posted by: Ben Cole

(This blog post was written by Marilyn Bier, chief executive officer for ARMA International.) By now, everyone in the world of information management is aware of the staggering increases in electronically stored information (ESI). Pundits and consultants often use colorful analogies to...

April 15, 2013  5:16 PM

Eight principles of information governance and risk management

Posted by: Ben Cole

(This blog post was written by Marilyn Bier, chief executive officer of ARMA International.) Organizations depend on information to manage day-to-day operations, comply with regulations, gauge financial performance, and monitor strategic initiatives. They're all critical business...

March 22, 2013  5:42 PM

Alleged Microsoft FCPA violations prove anti-corruption controls vital

Posted by: Ben Cole

Microsoft this week became the latest big-name U.S. company to be investigated for bribing foreign officials and violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. The U.S. Department of Justice and the...

February 22, 2013  6:05 PM

China hacking allegations puts lack of U.S. cybersecurity in spotlight

Posted by: Ben Cole

U.S. cybersecurity -- or the lack of it -- was big news this week, as President Barack Obama's recent issuance of cybersecurity-related executive orders coincided with reports that China has systematically made cyberattacks against American interests. Since 2006, a Chinese military unit within...

January 18, 2013  4:25 PM

Considering a career in compliance? Heed these warnings first

Posted by: Kevin Beaver

So you want to pursue a career in compliance? I can't really blame you. With a median salary of more than $60,000, it can certainly pay off -- and the sky's the limit moving forward. Of course, money's not...

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