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October 17, 2011  7:10 PM

Seven common regulatory compliance requirement assumptions to avoid

Posted by: Kevin Beaver
CIO, information risk assessment, regulatory compliance requirements

Compliance means different things to different people. Indeed, regulatory compliance requirements are -- and should be -- handled differently based on the unique needs...

October 10, 2011  6:56 PM

Paranoid Android: HTC mobile device security questioned by researchers

Posted by: Ben Cole
Android, CIO, mobile device security

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and the overarching theme this year is to spread awareness of every Internet user's role in securing their information. In other words, YOU are the first line of defense in...

September 19, 2011  4:08 PM

Lawmakers increase attention to online data security and privacy

Posted by: Ben Cole
CIO, Data Security, online privacy

A few weeks ago in this space, I wondered if increased scrutiny of Google's business practices was just the beginning of the federal government's efforts to

August 29, 2011  6:10 PM

Cloud Security Alliance seeks transparency over secrecy for compliance

Posted by: Fohlhorst
CIO, Cloud Security

The Cloud Security Alliance is launching a new program for gathering information on how cloud service providers are securing their services and meeting compliance initiatives. The CSA...

August 4, 2011  8:15 PM

When it comes to PCI compliance standards, size doesn’t really matter

Posted by: Fohlhorst
CIO, compliance standards, PCI DSS compliance

Mention PCI compliance standards, and the typical business owner will probably spout off about how they are an expensive burden that offer little in return. However,

July 25, 2011  2:00 PM

Little to celebrate after one year of Dodd-Frank compliance

Posted by: Cgonsalves
compliance, Dodd-Frank, Federal government of the United States, Wall Street

As birthday parties go, this one was forgettable. Awful, really. One year into compliance with the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Protection Act, few are in a mood to fete the guest of honor, that bloated,...

July 21, 2011  7:50 PM

What’s in a name? Why ’private‘ clouds may not be secure as you think

Posted by: Fohlhorst
CIO, Cloud Security, private clouds

Cloud is a word that has helped to misclassify IT operations. Throw the word private in front of cloud, and now you really have some confusion, especially when it comes to security. The problem is that the word cloud implies a nebulous entity that allows...

June 20, 2011  8:42 PM

How forensics technology ties to your regulatory compliance needs

Posted by: Fohlhorst
CIO, compliance regulations, forensics

Most people associate the term forensics with security or law enforcement. However, the concept of forensics and forensics technology lends itself very...

May 6, 2011  5:41 PM

Products try to prove productivity links to smart compliance strategy

Posted by: Fohlhorst
CIO, compliance strategy

Lexmark is looking to prove that compliance strategy and productivity are not mutually exclusive concepts. The company is launching three new back-office solutions under the guise that automation, which improves productivity, can directly...

January 25, 2011  6:51 PM

Cloud computing services can turn compliance pain into compliance gain

Posted by: Fohlhorst
CIO, Cloud computing, compliance

Bound by what they feel are overly strict compliance regulations, many companies are shying away from cloud computing services. On the surface, their reasons for...

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