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November 14, 2007  1:07 PM

System i client operations software gets Linux support

Posted by: Atrujillo
Product recommendations or warnings, System i software

Automated operations and business intelligence software company Help/Systems announced last week the addition of Linux support to its server operations event management software

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November 13, 2007  9:29 AM

System i security Webcast

Posted by: Mark Fontecchio
Security – alerts – compliance, System i software

The PowerTech Group Inc. has long banged the drum on System i security, saying that most lapses in the space have to do with people, not the hardware or software. The...

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November 6, 2007  8:51 AM

Web development software seeks cross-platform connections

Posted by: Mark Fontecchio
System i software, Web Development

A piece of System i web development software now has the ability to create programs that connect to Microsoft SQL Server databases and to MySQL databases on Windows, Linux and Unix platforms. Business Computer Design International,...

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October 31, 2007  8:39 AM

RPG’s backward compatibility a mixed bag

Posted by: Mark Fontecchio
Programming, System i software

RPG expert Paul Tuohy says the longtime programming language -- whose history dates back to the days of punchcards -- is anything but ancient and insists that IBM won't let it die off. But...

October 30, 2007  2:13 PM

Database change mangement software gets upgrade

Posted by: Mark Fontecchio
Databases, System i software

Excel Program Inventions has upgraded its Database Assistant software for the System i to include Control Language (CL) support and a feature to generate SQL for changed files. Version 2.2 of EPI's database change management software, called Database Assistant,...

October 24, 2007  10:00 AM

Lawson brings 64-bit support to Unix, not i5/OS

Posted by: Mark Fontecchio
System i software

Lawson Software is bringing 64-bit support to HP-UX and AIX on its S3 ERP software, but i5/OS folks are going to have to wait. Lawson has quite a few S3 software users on the System i platform,...

October 24, 2007  9:37 AM

Getting gooey over System i GUIs

Posted by: Mark Fontecchio
Operating systems, System i software

Does i5/OS need a native graphical user interface (GUI)? Does it already have one? Much of the talk about GUIs on System i -- whether it is native on i5/OS or through applications -- usually revolves around making the platform easier and more attractive to use for the newbies. Check out these...

October 17, 2007  7:45 AM

Upgrade to Lotus Notes 8

Posted by: Mark Fontecchio
System i software

David Vasta over at the System i Addict has an enthusiastic recommendation for upgrading to Lotus Notes 8, along with an enthusiastic thumbs-down to Microsoft Outlook and...

October 17, 2007  7:18 AM

IBM configures System i 525 to jibe with ERP apps

Posted by: Mark Fontecchio
System i hardware, System i software

IBM this week is releasing a System i 525 preconfigured to run enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications from Oracle and SAP. This continues IBM's efforts to position the System i as an ideal platform for running those back-end...

October 11, 2007  9:41 AM

Database automation software boasts minimal configuration

Posted by: Atrujillo
Databases, System i software, System management

In a recent conversation with software provider GridApp about the release of the latest version of GridApp's flagship database automation software,

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