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January 9, 2008  9:20 PM

Managing System i application memory can be tricky

Posted by: Mark Fontecchio
Programming, System i software

The way that RPG handles files on the System i requires intricate knowledge of how RPG works in order to make sure that references to a certain record field point where they should. iDevelop has a good post...

November 14, 2007  2:58 PM

Working with the Integrated File System (IFS)

Posted by: Mark Fontecchio
Operating systems, Programming

Check out the "Odds and Ends" column on IT Jungle looking at different issues in dealing with the Integrated File System (IFS).

October 31, 2007  8:39 AM

RPG’s backward compatibility a mixed bag

Posted by: Mark Fontecchio
Programming, System i software

RPG expert Paul Tuohy says the longtime programming language -- whose history dates back to the days of punchcards -- is anything but ancient and insists that IBM won't let it die off. But...

October 3, 2007  7:42 AM

A little history lesson on punch cards and RPG

Posted by: Mark Fontecchio

Jon Paris over at iDevelop, a blog of the IBM Systems Magazine Web site, gives a little

September 20, 2007  7:55 PM

Websydian announces CA Plex web development tool

Posted by: Atrujillo
Programming, Web Development

Programmers will have new model-based development options when Websydian Web Developer+, the web...

May 2, 2007  8:23 AM

RPG isn’t the only System i language

Posted by: Mark Fontecchio

The System i Network has a good column about how there are other languages that the System i can support. It doesn't have to be all...

March 20, 2007  10:08 AM

Back to the future

Posted by: Brein Matturro

I remember very distinctly, the day I was told about a new technology that would someday be commonplace. It was a perfect weather day in northern Alabama, 70 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. This “new technology” was a common database and the most efficient language on every...

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