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August 7, 2008  12:17 PM

Thinking of switching from i to p?

Posted by: Leah Rosin
Humor, iSeries Blunders, Product recommendations or warnings

If your company is considering a switch from the iSeries to pSeries and you are skeptical, you may find a story that John M. Willis recently shared on his IT Management and Cloud Blog interesting (and even helpful to use in any discussions with CEO's who want to "change" things). In,

June 5, 2007  1:19 PM

System i with a prettier face?

Posted by: Mark Fontecchio
iSeries Blunders, System i hardware

Got this from an AS/400, iSeries and System i systems integrator: That's right, it's a System i 570 (notice TYPE is 9406-570), but the faceplate clearly and proudly says "System p5." Is this the...

March 23, 2007  12:50 PM

So we lost six months worth of work, big deal!

Posted by: Colin Steele
iSeries Blunders member Gary shares his blunder:   Back in the early days of my IT career our small firm of four people did not have its own hardware, so we did all of our work at our client sites. At one point, we needed to reload all of...

March 23, 2007  12:42 PM

Where did you say those backup tapes are kept

Posted by: Colin Steele
iSeries Blunders member David shares his blunder:

Years ago, in my first AS/400 job, the company I worked for had only one box to use for both production and development. (I cringe when I think about that,...

March 23, 2007  12:24 PM

The lights are on, but no one is home

Posted by: Colin Steele
iSeries Blunders member "Bud" shares his blunder:  

While recently putting the latest CUME & Hiper Group on our model 810, I experienced a failure for some PTF's to apply for iSeries Access.  So, I downloaded what were the missing...

March 23, 2007  12:03 PM

Why is everyone taking a break at the same time – Oh no!

Posted by: Colin Steele
iSeries Blunders member Frank shares his blunder:

"I was a newbie contract programmer at an electric company.  My
desk was in their computer room, which had a large glass window.  I...

March 21, 2007  9:47 AM

System i/iSeries users share interesting blunders

Posted by: Colin Steele
iSeries Blunders

 If you’re like me and enjoy hearing about other people’s goofs or funny screw-ups, check out our Blunders page. As much as we all enjoy hearing about our peer’s mishaps, we...

March 16, 2007  1:37 PM

WDSC 7.0 is out….but there’s a catch

Posted by: Brein Matturro
iSeries Blunders

Almost in time for the Ides of March, IBM is releasing the long-awaited 'lite' version of WDSC, version 7.0.  This new version is supposed to be able to run in a much smaller memory footprint.  That is good.  The bad news is that IBM appears to be trying to squueze a little more revenue from...


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