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June, 2009


June 25, 2009  1:25 PM

Top concerns of System i users in Europe

Posted by: Mark Fontecchio

Here are the top concerns of European System i users, according to a survey taken by COMMON Europe:

  1. Satisfy internal customers
  2. Treat data security and confidentiality as a business risk
  3. Improve IT security and...

June 25, 2009  1:21 PM

Western Power Sports boosts online sales with the System i

Posted by: Mark Fontecchio
RPG on System i

Western Power Sports reworked its online presence using Web development tools on the System i, a move that has increased online sales of its power sports equipment fivefold. Prior to the project, the Boise, Idaho-based company was only generating about 10% of...

June 25, 2009  12:50 PM

A bunch of System i videos on YouTube

Posted by: Mark Fontecchio
System i video has four YouTube videos embedded in a post on the benefits of IBM's Dynamic Infrastructure. The videos are of various System i personalities riffing on how cool the platform is. The videos were reportedly taken...

June 25, 2009  12:44 PM

Does this mean all System i users are headcases?

Posted by: Mark Fontecchio
IBM System i humor

I just saw this job posting on Psychiatrist, American Hospital Service Group. The description: "Great opportunity to work for your country as a psychiatrist. Candidate must have 2yrs experience and will...

June 25, 2009  12:35 PM

Twittering off the System i

Posted by: Mark Fontecchio
Twitter on System i

SNDTWEET screen shotUsually when I...

June 23, 2009  4:17 PM

RPG as a service

Posted by: Leah Rosin
cloud computing, IBM i, IBM System i programming, IBM System i staffing, RPG on System i, RPGAAS

Beyond the world of IBM i, the hottest topic in IT right now is "Cloud Computing," which is essentially a mix of platform and software-as-a-service (PaaS and SaaS) offerings that are available on-demand. So it was with a little amusement and...

June 9, 2009  3:17 PM

IBM cuts prices to a bunch of Power Systems upgrades

Posted by: Mark Fontecchio
Power processor, System i hardware

Big Blue has slashed prices for most of 20 different upgrades on Power Systems, some by as much as 54%. Some of the upgrades include moving from a Power 5+ processor to a Power 6, and adding memory. There are two upgrade changes that are price increases. The

June 8, 2009  5:59 PM

Take System i classes over the Web

Posted by: Mark Fontecchio
IBM System i high availability

IBM System i high availability software vendor Vision Solutions is now offering a host of courses on the System i platform and high availability. The great majority of them are related to Vision products like iTera, Mimix and Orion, but there is one introductory course on the i5 operating...

June 2, 2009  4:14 PM

Rich Internet applications on IBM i

Posted by: Leah Rosin
IBM i, Rich Internet applications, Web Development, Web tools

At COMMON in April, I met with Alex Roytman of ProfoundLogic Software, who shared the company's Profound Logic TV initiative to share...


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