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November 9, 2017  11:31 AM

IoT PCB thermal profiles are not created equal

Zulki Khan Profile: Zulki Khan
boards, Internet of Things, iot, IoT hardware, PCB

Like all printed circuit boards (PCBs), an IoT rigid-flex or flex circuit undergoes the reflowing process to make necessary circuit connections on those small boards. A correct and accurate thermal profile is the...

November 7, 2017  3:38 PM

Four keys to failure: How IoT projects crash and burn

Mike Bell Profile: Mike Bell
Internet of Things, iot, IoT hardware, patching, poc, proof of concept, Skills, Updates

These days, the only debate on the value of the internet of things is just how big the market will be, with the latest round of estimates putting the potential figure as high as half a...

November 7, 2017  12:29 PM

How Amazon Echo puts user experience in the hot seat

Antony Edwards Profile: Antony Edwards
Amazon, Digital assistant, ECHO, Internet of Things, iot, IoT devices, IoT hardware, QA, User experience, UX

Amazon Echo products are predicted to be a hot holiday gift this year, with many wanting to tap into the promise of a digital home assistant. As the Amazon Alexa ecosystem continues to evolve and become a key platform for many third-party products, it is putting pressure on these third-party...

November 2, 2017  4:51 PM

Without fog, autonomous cars are going nowhere

Lynne Canavan Profile: Lynne Canavan
Cars, Communications, FOG, fog computing, Internet of Things, iot, IoT hardware, IOT Network, self-driving car, Sensors

According to a prediction made by Forbes back in March, 20 million self-driving cars will hit the road by 2020....

October 27, 2017  3:18 PM

Three key criteria in an IoT PCB stencil design

Zulki Khan Profile: Zulki Khan
Design, Hardware, Internet of Things, iot, IoT applications, IoT devices, IoT hardware

Designing a stencil for a conventional rigid printed circuit board (PCB) is challenging enough in this day and age, but designing a stencil for a much smaller IoT rigid-flex or flex circuit takes on a considerably new...

October 26, 2017  12:56 PM

Three steps to blend cloud and edge computing on IoT

Robert van der Meulen Profile: Robert van der Meulen
Cloud Computing, Data Analytics, Data Management, Edge computing, Internet of Things, iot, IoT data, IoT devices, IoT hardware, IOT Network, Network architecture

Over the past few years, the internet of things has exploded. Thanks to Moore's Law, which states that the number of transistors in each chip will double about every 18 months, hardware developers have been able to fit much more...

October 25, 2017  3:48 PM

IoT ushers in a new era for supply chain fulfillment

Kelly Frey Profile: Kelly Frey
Collaboration, Compliance, Customer service, Internet of Things, iot, IoT applications, IoT hardware, Supply chain, Supply Chain Management

The internet of things has come a long way from the early 1980s when programmers were able to check drink availability by connecting to a Coca-Cola machine located at Carnegie Melon University via the internet. Today, far more wide-reaching uses for IoT have emerged. For businesses that play an...

October 17, 2017  3:08 PM

Transmitting signals in an IoT PCB

Zulki Khan Profile: Zulki Khan
Circuit, designers, Internet of Things, iot, IoT devices, IoT hardware, PCB, reliability

Effectively transmitting electronic signals in an IoT product relies heavily on how device packaging, traces, routing and vias are designed in IoT rigid-flex or flex circuitry....

October 16, 2017  11:51 AM

A roadmap for connected car security

Chris Penrose Chris Penrose Profile: Chris Penrose
Collaboration, Connected car, Internet of Things, iot, IoT hardware, iot security, security in IOT

The age of connected vehicles is bringing exciting new innovations and transportation options. Yet, as more connected vehicles take the road each day, the need for strong security protocols continues to increase. Security protections are essential to maximize the

October 12, 2017  2:40 PM

Integrating IoT: Energy sector spark?

Neil Hamilton Neil Hamilton Profile: Neil Hamilton
energy, Energy Consumption, Internet of Things, iot, IoT applications, IoT hardware, IOT Network, Smart meter, ussd, utilities, Wireless

Stakes are high for energy suppliers as global energy demands are expected to grow by 37% by 2040. With most energy infrastructures antiquated and sometimes prone to...

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