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Windows 7

October 6, 2009  9:29 PM

Sysinternals Suite Updates

Posted by: Nathan Simon, microsoft, msdart, procdump, process monitor, sysinternals, temporary registry profiles, Windows 7, Windows 7 support, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows XP

New Updates to the Sysinternals Suite Process Monitor v2.7 This update to Process Monitor, a system monitoring utility, adds a new option to the process tree dialog that direct it to...

September 12, 2009  5:55 PM

Changing the RDP port on Windows Server 2008

Posted by: Nathan Simon
rdp, Server 2008, Windows 7, windows firewall, Windows Vista, winstations\RDP-Tcp\portnumber

I have always been able to change the port number with Windows Server 2003/XP/Vista by editing the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\TerminalServer\WinStations\RDP-Tcp\PortNumber With Server 2008 however this does not seem to work. Does anyone know...

September 7, 2009  10:04 PM

Samsung N510 Netbook.

Posted by: Nathan Simon
Intel Atom, N280, N510 specs, Nvidia Ion, Samsung, Samsung N510, Samsung Netbook, Windows 7, Windows XP

Finally a Netbook that will be able to play Hi-Definition video! With its 11.6" screen and a resolution of 1366x768, this Netbook will surely become popular. Samsung N510 specs include. Intel Atom N280 1.67Ghz Processor with 1GB DDR2 Memory. Nvidia's Ion Chipset 160GB HDD WiFi...

August 27, 2009  3:37 PM

Windows 7 and RDP Color Depth Setting

Posted by: Nathan Simon
color depth, colour depth, maximum color depth, maximum colour depth, rdp, rdp 256 colors, rdp 8-bit, Remote Desktop, Windows 7, Windows 7 Enterprise

With Windows 7 comes Remote Desktop v6.1.7600. I have seen a lot of posts where people want to reduce the color depth to 256 colors, which is not allowed via the Display Tab - Colors. Doing some research i found that if you have a "saved" rdp connection, you can open it in notepad and modify a...

August 5, 2009  1:26 AM

Windows 7 is almost here….

Posted by: Nathan Simon
sucessor to Windows Vista, versions of Windows 7, Windows 7, Windows 7 benchmarking, Windows 7 RTM, Windows 7 support

If you still haven't tried it out, or watched videos of Windows 7, the real successor to Windows XP you should do so as soon as possible... CNET has an excellent article with embedded videos, here is an isert from the website. "Luckily for Microsoft, Windows 7 is more than just spin. It's...

July 3, 2009  1:32 AM

Windows 7 “Family Pack”?

Posted by: Nathan Simon
microsoft, Windows 7, Windows 7 Family Pack, windows 7 release date

Yeah you heard me, Microsoft is rumouredto have said that you may purchase one Family License copy of Windows 7 to install on, and up to 3 PC's, that will be used in the same household. This may make it much more appealing to upgrade all PC's at one time. Windows 7 is still slated for an October...

June 11, 2009  12:08 AM

Meet OCZ’s “Colossus” SSD Drive

Posted by: Nathan Simon
desktop, OCZ, PCIe, SSD, Windows 7

Currently its a prototype. Here is a quote from TheRegister. "Unlike OCZ's Z-Drive, a PCIe-connected 1TB SSD shown at this year's CeBIT, Colossus comes in a standard 3.5-inch drive bay form factor. This format is generally used for hard drive storage arrays and server and desktop drive bays,...

June 9, 2009  2:11 AM

Acer chooses Google Andriod over Windows 7

Posted by: Nathan Simon
ACER, android, google, Netbook, Windows 7

Over the weekend it has become known that Acer has chosen Goolge Android over Windows 7. Now I don't know what Google Android looks like on a Netbook, but I know that Windows 7 didn't run too well on mine. On the defense of Windows 7, my lil Acer One isn't exactly a power house. I guess that is...

June 3, 2009  1:34 PM

Windows 7 Release Date

Posted by: Nathan Simon
backwards compatibility, enterprise, microsoft, netbooks, October 2009, successor, Windows 7, Windows 7 Release Date 2009, Windows Vista, Windows XP

Microsoft announced that it will launch Windows 7, on Oct. 22. Aside from the obvious desktop deployments, Windows 7 will also be ported onto netbooks.  Microsoft reall needs Windows 7 to be a hit, and be on as many PC's as possible. I for one love Windows 7, I have it running at home...

May 15, 2009  12:15 PM

Windows 7 to ship this Year.

Posted by: Nathan Simon
Acer One, microsoft, Office, Office 2010, release date, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2

Windows 7 was supposed to ship January 2010, but has now revised that to be a 2009 launch, check out the full story here. Microsoft will also try to wrap up Server 2008 R2 around the same time. Something...

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