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May 18, 2010  1:37 AM

XenClient Express

Posted by: Nathan Simon
Citrix, desktop virtualization, hypervisor, laptop virtualization, Virtualization, XenClient, XenClient Express kit

Citrix delivered on the IT Kit for pro's but the official release of its Hypervisor for desktops and laptops won't ship until later this year.

The XenClient Express kit, which is available free for public download today, includes the bare metal hypervisor, the Citrix Receiver for...

May 5, 2010  10:18 PM

Apple iPad running Windows 7 via Citrix

Posted by: Nathan Simon
Apple, Citrix, Ipad, run windows 7 on ipad, VDI XenDesktop, Windows 7, xen desktop, xenapp

Well there you have it, even iPad users can't stay away from Windows 7! With Windows 7 running through Citrix users will actually get to multitask!

It turns out the 9.7 inch display on the iPad with a 1024x768 screen resolution works great for a full VDI XenDesktop. Windows...

April 30, 2010  11:06 PM

Android 2.2 to fully support Adobe Flash

Posted by: Nathan Simon
adobe, Adobe Flash, android, Andy Rubin, Apple, FroYo, google, iphone, microsoft, New York Times, Windows

Good for Google, embracing Adobe Flash is great for everyone, I'm sick of hearing about Apple and the fact that they just won't accept Flash onto their device. I hope that the Android picks up steam and take the iPhone out!

Android 2.2, code-named "FroYo," will fully support Adobe's...

March 31, 2010  12:55 AM

Veeam SureBackup

Posted by: Nathan Simon
boot from compressed backup, ESX, SureBackup, Veeam Backup & Replication v5.0, Veeam SureBackup, VM, vmware, vsphere

Veeam SureBackup is just around the...

March 25, 2010  12:58 AM

New StarWind High Availability iSCSI SAN Software Free for Any VMware vExpert, VCP or VCI

Posted by: Nathan Simon
datastore, iSCSI target, lun, mcp, starwind, VCP, VCP3, vcp4, vmware

Straight from, mind you this is a little late, but I am sure not many people were aware, is if you are a VCP or MCP(apparently), and email, you can get a key to activate the software. I have included an insert from...

March 23, 2010  12:06 AM

VMware Brings Enterprise-Class Virtualization to SMBs at Half the Price

Posted by: Nathan Simon
small to medium business, SMB, Timothy Stephan, Virtualization, vmware, vSphere 4, vSphere Essentials

VMware announced that as of March 18th vSphere Essentials can be acquired for less than $500 USD. Finally VMware is looking more seriously at the SMB space, not just enterprise, this will allow many more companies to take advantage of this great technology.

“VMware vSphere allows...

March 18, 2010  3:05 PM

Configure an Alarm in vCenter Server to alert you if a Virtual Machine is running on a snapshot.

Posted by: Nathan Simon
alarm, alerts, commiting snapshots, snapshot, virtual machine, VM, vmware, VMware vCenter Server

Ever check on your VMs and they have been running on a snapshot for the last couple months? Committing a couple months worth of snapshots can take 1 to many hours depending on the hardware and disks present, well VMware has posted a video on how to create an alarm to alert you when virtual machines...

March 17, 2010  2:43 AM

Top 5 Certifications by Salary

Posted by: Nathan Simon
CCDA, CCNP, Cert. Info. Sys. Security Professional, Certifications by Salary, Cisco Certified Design Associate, Cisco Certified Network Professional, CISSP, MCSE, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, Top 5 Certifications, top 5 certs, VCP, VMware Certified Professional

Would you like to fast track your way into a job interview? While Certifications alone won't get you the job, it can definitely open doors, and get you an interview. Once you pass the interview you could be starting your dream job with that dream salary. Here are the top 5 certifications based...

February 14, 2010  8:53 PM

Windows Mobile 7

Posted by: Nathan Simon
BlackBerry, google, microsoft, smartphone, Windows 7, Windows Mobile 7, xbox live

Can Windows Mobile 7 breath new life into Microsoft smart-phones? My guess is if they put as much effort into making Windows Mobile 7 as they did with Windows 7 then we may have a worthy successor. If the mobile OS gets good ratings, it may bring Microsoft back into the...

February 13, 2010  4:35 PM

Cannot Upgrade ESX 3.5u4 to vSphere using vSphere Host Update Utility

Posted by: Nathan Simon
Cannot Upgrade ESX 3.5u4 to vSphere using vSphere Host Update Utility, ESX 3.5, esx-4.0.0-1.9-208167-release, Unsupported ESX version: esx-4.0.0-1.9-208167-release, Upgrade Package Validation Failed, viclient, VMware-viclient-all-4.0.0-208111, vSphere 4

I am doing an upgrade right now to ESX vSphere4, using the Host Update Utility, sure enough it failed (nothing ever works the first time, right?) with this error message Upgrade Package Validation Failed: Unsupported ESX version: esx-4.0.0-1.9-208167-release . Basically what it is saying to you...

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