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March 29, 2012  1:18 PM

Check new notifications stuck on Queued – VMware vCenter Update Manager Check Notification

Posted by: Nathan Simon
check new notifications stuck, ESX, How To, Randomness, restart service, Security, viclient, Vmware vCenter Update Manager Service

I'll make this easy on everyone, the fix is just restart VMware vCenter Update Manager Serviceon any ailing vCenter Servers. You should immediately see that the "Check new notifications" task completes successfully. You can also do a “net stop vmware-ufad-vci” then a“net...

April 6, 2011  2:49 AM

Changed Block Tracking and Veeam Backup 5.0.2

Posted by: Nathan Simon
changed block tracking cannot be enabled, ctkEnabled, ESX 4.1 Update 1, ESXi, vCenter, Veeam 5.0.2, viclient, VM, Windows Server 2008

If you have issues with your backups because of a Changed Block Tracking Issue, it could because you created the backup job with a ESXi user that does not have permissions to enable the "ctkEnabled"...

February 13, 2010  4:35 PM

Cannot Upgrade ESX 3.5u4 to vSphere using vSphere Host Update Utility

Posted by: Nathan Simon
Cannot Upgrade ESX 3.5u4 to vSphere using vSphere Host Update Utility, ESX 3.5, esx-4.0.0-1.9-208167-release, Unsupported ESX version: esx-4.0.0-1.9-208167-release, Upgrade Package Validation Failed, viclient, VMware-viclient-all-4.0.0-208111, vSphere 4

I am doing an upgrade right now to ESX vSphere4, using the Host Update Utility, sure enough it failed (nothing ever works the first time, right?) with this error message Upgrade Package Validation Failed: Unsupported ESX version: esx-4.0.0-1.9-208167-release . Basically what it is saying to you...


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