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August 9, 2013  1:14 AM

What’s this you say? A New Particle Can Make Hard Drives 20 Times Smaller?

Posted by: Nathan Simon
Hard drive space

tiny hdd skyrmion

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February 6, 2012  4:54 PM

Guide to VMware Data Protection Whitepaper

Posted by: Nathan Simon
backup, backup and recover, data, ebook, environment, free, hyper-v, intro to VMware, recovery methodologies, Veeam, Virtualization, vsphere

Eric Siebert, vExpert, wrote a series of pdf documents that explain how backups work in the VMware Environment, including an intro to VMware, backup and recovery methodology, data recovery in virtual environments, as well as a brand new document about choosing the right backup solution. Here is...

October 7, 2009  1:55 AM

Understanding VMware Snapshots.

Posted by: Nathan Simon
Basic System Administration, commiting snapshots, delta file, ESX, ESXi, how much space is needed to commit a snapshot, insufficient space to commit snapshot, snapshot manager, Storage, vmware, vmware backup

I wanted to clear the air on snapshots, everyone is always asking, how much space does it take to remove a snapshot, but no one has a real answer...  whatever the answer may be this information inserted from the Basic System Administration PDF, which is...

May 18, 2009  6:36 PM

Data Backup – Sync Toy 2.0

Posted by: Nathan Simon
backup, bad sectors, chkdsk /r, echo, microsoft, schedule task, sync, sync toy 2.0, synctoy, tasl scheduler

Well, its happened again, a bad drive... recently i have been having problems saving some files to disk. Running a "chkdsk /r" confirmed the problem, bad sectors. Time to backup some files and folders. I have approximately 13000 pictures from 2002 till now. First thing I did was burn them to...

February 25, 2009  2:55 PM


Posted by: Nathan Simon
Hard drive space, portable app, Space audit, Windows Directory Statistics

Windows Directory Statistics is an app made freely available from Bernhard Seifert and Oliver Schneider. I use this program alot mainly after it became available on

February 6, 2009  9:24 PM

ESX 3.5, IDE, and Me

Posted by: Nathan Simon
ESX, ESX 3.5, ESX and IDE, ide, NCQ, sata, upgrade path, vmfs

What the heck am I talking about you say? Well I decided to load ESX 3.5 on a workstation of mine. This is so I could do a test upgrade from 3.5 to 3.5 Patch 3, mainly because I want to make sure VMFS and the VMs are retained after upgrading to said patch level. So I commenced installing ESX 3.5...

January 28, 2009  3:56 AM

Symantec Backup Exec Fun

Posted by: Nathan Simon
backup exec compression, backup failing, compression not enabled, how to check for compression, SGMON.EXE, Symantec Backup Exec, Symantec Backup Exec 12.5d, Symantec Backup Exec Speed issues, tape backup

Backup Exec is a great application, my personal favorite. Recently I had issues with a backup, as you can see in one of my previous posts... the backup works fine, although compression will not turn on. It is known by most Backup Exec experts that Symantec Backup Exec enables compression when the...

January 6, 2009  3:54 AM

Slow system…?

Posted by: Nathan Simon
antech, Nforce, pentium 4, pentium dual core, power supply, RAID stripe size, sata, slow system, Windows XP x64

Well have you ever checked the hardware monitor section in your BIOS, this will show you what your powersupply is running at along with Fan speeds and CPU Temperatures. If left unchecked most BIOS' will not warn when there is an issue with the powersupply, depending on the severity of course. For...

January 5, 2009  1:06 AM

IBM ServeRaid

Posted by: Nathan Simon
backup to disk, dumplog, ibm, ServeRaid, ServeRaid Manager, tape backup, Windows Server 2003, xSeries

Here's an interesting issue that I came across. I have a few clients who are still using IBM Servers, the server referred to here is an x226 Server and a ServeRaid 7 controller. The client said that he would come in to work in the morning to check the backups and he would have to put in a reason...

December 3, 2008  11:00 PM

Symantec Backup Exec – Backup to Disk Issue

Posted by: Nathan Simon
IT professional, Microsoft Windows, Storage

By default a backup to disk folder is setup to have a maximum size for backup-to-disk files of 1GB and a maximum of 100 of these. Well what happens if you have a backup of say 265 GB's? It will eventually have written 100, 1GB files, thus provoking backup exec to ask for another drive(which may...

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