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April 28, 2011  7:38 PM

Enable SSH root access for ESXi via Service Console

Posted by: Nathan Simon
ESXi, nano, root, SSH

To enable SSH access for the root user you need to have another user created through ViClient. After you are logged in SSH session with that user, switch to the root user with the command: su - Edit the configuration file for SSH with the command: nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config Find the...

February 5, 2010  6:36 AM

ESX Host and SSH Commands Unresponsive

Posted by: Nathan Simon
console commands not returning anything, ESX 3.5, ESX Host, kill -9, ps -ef | grep vmware-hostd, putty command stalling, service mgmt-vmware restart, service vmware-vpxa restart, SSH, unresponsive, Vmware-cmd -l

Just had this issue with a college, one of our ESX hosts was unresponsive, ie if you typed in a command to list Virtual Machines; vmware-cmd -l nothing would show up, like it was hung. Here is what you need to do... ps -ef | grep vmware-hostd You should see something...

September 12, 2009  6:01 PM

VMware 3.5 and Virtual Infrastruture Client 2.5 Ports

Posted by: Nathan Simon
configuring firewall esx, ESX 3.5, ESXi, HTTP, HTTPS, service console, SSH, VI Client, VI Web Access, vic, Virtual Center, virtual infrasrtuture client, VM Console, vmware ports

Check this link out, it has a neat port guide in PDF format with all the ports mapped and labelled. Its a visual representation of the ports below. 22. SSH access to service console. 80....


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