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July 18, 2013  12:38 PM

3,000MB/s Enterprise SSD Drive from Samsung

Posted by: Nathan Simon
Samsung, SSD

3GB/sec is fast, I mean, right now you might be running an OCZ drive that is capable of 685MB/sec, and for me that's fast enough. I know there are some people out there that want to run this thing in their home computers, and kudos to you if you do so. When they do arrive they will be released...

May 7, 2013  2:34 PM

Seagate joins the SSD Race

Posted by: Nathan Simon
seagate, SSD

I was just browsing an article where Seagate is finally releasing SSD disks. Among the reasonable specifications for 120/240/480GB selections, they mention drives with dual-port 12G SAS Connectors! These guys are twice as fast as previous generation drives and will be available in capacities up to...

December 7, 2012  1:41 PM

“World First” mSata SSD Sized at 480GB…

Posted by: Nathan Simon
mSATA Drives, SSD

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July 20, 2012  12:29 PM

OCZ Vertex 4 – Maximum Performance

Posted by: Nathan Simon
SATA 6G, SSD, SSD Benchmark

The new OCZ Vertex 4, ultimate consumer performance, at a very reasonable price! We are talking around 100$ for a 128GB drive, not bad at all...

As the fourth generation of the legendary Vertex family, the Vertex 4 Series pushes storage performance to the max and redefines the modern...

January 23, 2012  12:34 AM

Seagate Momentus XT with SSD

Posted by: Nathan Simon
boot time, laptop, Momentus, seagate, SSD, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, XT

Looking to speed up  your laptop but wanting to keep all your ISO's, movies, and pictures with you at all times? Find it hard to function with only 60GB or 120GB of space?

The Momentus XT solid state hybrid drive fuses the blazing speed of solid state with the high capacity of a disk...

December 8, 2011  12:39 AM

Intel and Micron Join Forces

Posted by: Nathan Simon
IMFT, Intel, Micron, NAND, price, SSD

Intel and Micron announced a 20nm build process, and also an upgraded controller interface called ONFi 3, which increases the bandwidth from 166MT/s all the way to 333MT/s. Earlier this year, Intel and Micron's joint NAND manufacturing venture (IMFT) announced it had produced 64Gb (8GB) MLC NAND...

October 31, 2011  12:08 PM

MacBook Air Competitors

Posted by: Nathan Simon
Apple, ASUS, core i5, core i7, MacBook Air, Samsung, SATA 3, Series 9, SSD, ultrabook, usb 3.0, Zenbook

Here are a couple of MacBook Air Laptops that I am keeping an eye on... The Samsung Series 9 Laptop Core i5 2537M Processor, 4GB Ram, 128 GB SSD Drive, and 7 Hour Battery, check out the full specs

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July 25, 2011  1:07 AM


Posted by: Nathan Simon
IOPS, Max, microsoft, Netbook, Nettop, notebook, OCZ, OCZ Vertex, SATAIII, SSD, Vertex, Windows, Windows 7

You want a fast booting system? You have some cash to spend? Look no further the OCZ Vertex 3 Max IOPS is just the solid state drive for you! Check out those stats! I have the OCZ Vertex 2 in my system and it takes longer to get by the BIOS then it does boot my Windows 7...

June 28, 2011  2:17 AM

VMware ESXi 5.0 Release Features

Posted by: Nathan Simon
Adobe Flex, ESXi 5, Feature List, hypervisor, iSCSI, SSD, Storage vMotion, VDI, virtual machine, VM, VMFS5, vmotion, vSphere 5

I have the latest ESXi 5 features, check them out! There might be some additions closer to the release date but as of right now, it looks like there is a good number of improvements.

• Build on the vSphere ESXi hypervisor architecture • vSphere Auto Deploy combining host...

April 26, 2011  6:17 PM

My New OCZ Vertex2 SSD Drive

Posted by: Nathan Simon
ASUS, Memory Express, OCZ Vertex 2, OCZ Vertex 3 SATA III, OS, SSD, Windows 7, Winnipeg

Recently my ASUS P8P67-Deluxe started to show failure on the disk drives, even after moving my SATA disks to the 6G ports. I decided it was time to swap out my mainboard with a "B3 Stepping" board. When I was at Memory Express here in Winnipeg, I decided that I wanted to also take my existing HDD...

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