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January 8, 2013  4:08 PM

2.3Ghz – Snapdragon Quad Core – 4k Video – Mid 2013

Posted by: Nathan Simon
IT professional, Smartphones, Snapdragon

Wow... just think a phone that can shoot 2160p video at 30 frames per second, by the middle of 2013... Qualcomm is looking to increase overall performance by 75% with its Snapdragon 800 processor. Here are some features.

  • a shift to a 28nm HPm ("High Performance for mobile")...

May 8, 2012  3:58 AM

Smartphone Smackdown – HTC One X vs Samsung Galaxy S3

Posted by: Nathan Simon
android, battery life, comparison, Galaxy S3, HTC One X, quad-core, Samsung Galaxy SIII, Snapdragon, Tegra 3, video

It seems that now a days, smartphones and tablets are taking the market by storm, its no wonder you find so many blogs about them, it's because everyone seems to have one! The HTC One X is pitted against the soon to be release Samsung Galaxy S3. There is a great hands on video to...

September 12, 2011  1:56 AM

HP Touchpad and Android

Posted by: Nathan Simon
android, CyanogenMod, dual boot, dual core, HP Touchpad, Snapdragon, webos

So I just got my new 32gb Touchpad today, while the webOS works well for most things that I have tried, I already want to install the Android OS onto it. Reading up on the project, it seems that the Android port takes full advantage of the HP Touchpad Dual Core Snapdragon processor. Rumour has it...


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