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June 13, 2013  4:53 PM

Smartphone Roaming and You

Posted by: Nathan Simon

So you are planning a trip to the US of A, or somewhere else and you have a smartphone, and its locked to your carrier, you can either wait 90 days until your carrier can unlock it for you(which costs money) or you can unlock it now! Here are 2 relevant questions and answers from

May 4, 2012  1:37 AM

The Samsung Galaxy S3 …

Posted by: Nathan Simon
Apple, battery life, Exynos, HD Super AMOLED, HTC One XL, leaked, LTE, mobile world congress, MWC 2012, NFC, quad-core, release date canada, Samsung Galaxy S3, smartphone, specs, technical specifications, videos, wireless charging

Update May 23rd : Released?! Samsung's Galaxy S3 Android smartphone will be released in the U.S. on June 1 through Amazon for $800, and it's available today in Dubai. Reports are coming in from Dubai that the international version of the Samsung Galaxy S3, known as the...

March 29, 2012  4:14 AM

Samsung Galaxy S3 Release Date Coming soon!

Posted by: Nathan Simon
Apple, battery life, Exynos, HD Super AMOLED, leaked, LTE, mobile world congress, MWC 2012, NFC, quad-core, release date canada, Samsung Galaxy S3, smartphone, specs, technical specifications, wireless charging

The newest phone from Samsung might only be months away… maybe sooner, some say its scheduled to be launched somewhere between June and July… some highlighted specifications are as below.

  • NFC (Near Field Communication) Chip
  • 3rd generation Super AMOLED 3D...

March 9, 2012  2:17 AM

Why Lock your Phone?

Posted by: Nathan Simon
BlackBerry, Galaxy S3, iPad 3, iPad HD, key, Playbook, Protect, smartphone, Symantec, why lock phone

Your the smart savy business type kind of guy right? Do you take pictures with your phone? Perhaps you have DropBox installed and synced with all your corporate data. Question is how well do you guard that data?

Symantec just released a study where they intentionally lost 50...

February 4, 2012  5:55 PM

Samsung Lotus Glass vs Gorilla Glass 2

Posted by: Nathan Simon
AMOLED, android, CES2012, cover, Gorilla Glass, HD Super AMOLED, Lotus Glass, Samsung, Samsung Galaxy S3, screen protection, smartphone, tablet, video

Both made utilizing Corning's technology, but Samsung's manufacturing process allows for far superior screen quality... 2 of the most important qualities you look for in a smartphone these days, durability and visual quality.

Corning released some information stating that Lotus Glass...

October 7, 2011  12:26 AM

Vodafone to acquire RIM?

Posted by: Nathan Simon
Apple, bbm, Blackberry Messenger, google, IM, microsoft, RIM, RIM aquisition, smartphone, Vodafone

Its a substantial rumour that has caused RIM's stocks to rise. In the wake of the announcement of the new iPhone 4S, many people were left uninspired, sure its faster, and has some cool new voice features, but that's it, iOS 5 will be available to many current iPhone users all the way from 3GS and...

September 30, 2011  2:30 AM

Playbook Discontinued? Say it isn’t so…

Posted by: Nathan Simon
BlackBerry, discontinue, Playbook, QNX, RIM, smartphone, superphone, tablet OS

Lies! All Lies, but to millions of readers world wide, the Playbook went extinct, then less then a couple hours later, it was told to Reuters by BlackBerry representatives that the Playbook is not going anywhere, the QNX Operating system is just beginning. They also mentions that QNX will be...

August 8, 2011  8:55 PM

BlackBerry Colt? Running QNX?

Posted by: Nathan Simon
BlackBerry, BlackBerry 8, BlackBerry Colt, Blackberry OS, Colt, Details, dual core, first QNX phone, launch, launch date, multi-core, Q1 2012, QNX, release, release date, RIM, single core, smartphone, specs

Well I knew it was coming, but to have a new BlackBerry with a new OS to come out this soon after the Bold 9900 is a little perplexing to me. The fact that this new BlackBerry doesn't support BES out of the box is a major sting to the new phone. It will support activesync out of the box, so it will...

December 30, 2010  9:23 PM

Personal Phone / Work Phone

Posted by: Nathan Simon
android, LG, Nexus One, smartphone, Virtualization, vmware

Huh? You ask? Well what I am talking about is the fact that LG and VMware are working together to get smartphones in the hands of all employees. This way the employee can have their work phone seperate via a virtual layer from there personal phone, they get some smartphone virus on their...

December 27, 2010  11:57 PM

Android and the New Year.

Posted by: Nathan Simon
android, Apple, CNET, HD, iPhone 4, microsoft, Samsung Galaxy S, smartphone

Seems like the Android has finally taken off, with only a few phones at the beginning of the year, now the end of 2010 and we have dozens. Samsung has release one of the better phones, although expensive, the Galaxy S. Android phones are for the guys that refuse to conform to Apple, Blackberry,...

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