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May 5, 2009  1:28 AM

System Untable?

Posted by: Nathan Simon
burn-in, cables, components, diagnostics, hold power switch, pc, sata, Sisoft Sandra, system hard lock, utility

Here's the scenario. You have this PC, its unstable, but you have ran all the proper diagnostics and cannot come up with an issue... When was the last time a software issue cause a hard lock of a PC? That's right it hardly happens. Your diagnosed the hardware, but you've been leaving all the same...

February 6, 2009  9:24 PM

ESX 3.5, IDE, and Me

Posted by: Nathan Simon
ESX, ESX 3.5, ESX and IDE, ide, NCQ, sata, upgrade path, vmfs

What the heck am I talking about you say? Well I decided to load ESX 3.5 on a workstation of mine. This is so I could do a test upgrade from 3.5 to 3.5 Patch 3, mainly because I want to make sure VMFS and the VMs are retained after upgrading to said patch level. So I commenced installing ESX 3.5...

January 6, 2009  3:54 AM

Slow system…?

Posted by: Nathan Simon
antech, Nforce, pentium 4, pentium dual core, power supply, RAID stripe size, sata, slow system, Windows XP x64

Well have you ever checked the hardware monitor section in your BIOS, this will show you what your powersupply is running at along with Fan speeds and CPU Temperatures. If left unchecked most BIOS' will not warn when there is an issue with the powersupply, depending on the severity of course. For...


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