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Ivy Bridge


April 25, 2012  1:32 AM

Intel 22nm Ivy Bridge to Utilize 3D Transistors

Posted by: Nathan Simon
Core i5 3570K, Core i7 3770K, dual core, HD3000, HD4000, Intel, Intel Z77, Ivy Bridge, less consumption, more power, quad-core, Sandy Bridge, usb 3.0

More Power while taking less power... up to 20% both ways! That's awesome!

The main performance gain of the Ivy Bridge will be with the integrated GPU, which will be substantially quicker than with the Sandy Bridge series. The GPU will be able to handle the next generation 4K video...

April 10, 2012  2:52 AM

Hello Ivy Bridge, time for an upgrade?

Posted by: Nathan Simon
ASRock, ASUS, Biostar, ECS, Gigabyte, Intel, Ivy Bridge, Motherboards, MSI, Z77

Looking to upgrade anytime soon? Well Ivy Bridge is finally here... Its been over a year since Sandy Bridge and the dreaded B2/B3 stepping nonsense… now we welcome the 3rd generation of motherboards welcome Ivy Bridge, although processors are a few weeks away, the mainboards are available. The...

November 29, 2010  2:02 PM

Sandy Bridge then Ivy Bridge

Posted by: Nathan Simon
directx 11, Intel, intergrated graphics, Ivy Bridge, motherboard chipsets, Sandy Bridge

These are the code names for the next two successive chipsets by Intel. Sandy Bridge processor socket will be 225mm², they will also have an improved memory controller, with a maximum of 25.6GB/sec bandwidth. Included is the support of octacore processors(future release). Ivy Bridge will be...


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