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iOS 6


January 3, 2013  10:46 PM

iPhone 6 Rumors and Launch Information

Posted by: Nathan Simon
Apple, Apple A6, Apple iPhone 4, Apple iPhone 5, iOS 6

Yes I said it, if you didn't think they would be launching it soon, then you have been living under a rock! I say that kindly though! We all knew it, and it isn't official, but it is going to happen. Will they call it the iPhone 6? Probably not, consensus says they will call it the iPhone 5s. If...

November 2, 2012  1:25 PM

iOS 6.0.1 – Jailbroken Already?

Posted by: Nathan Simon
Apple, Apple iPhone 4, iOS 6

Well that was fast......

September 7, 2012  1:47 PM

Apple to reduce Samsung Memory Orders for iPhone 5

Posted by: Nathan Simon
Apple, Apple iPhone 5, iOS 6

Wow, I guess Apple and...

June 3, 2012  10:54 PM

iOS 6 and Itunes 11

Posted by: Nathan Simon
Apple, Camera, Facebook integration, Google Maps, iOS 6, Itunes 11, WWDC 2012

iOS 6 and Itunes 11 may be just around the corner... “There is also some chatter about iTunes 11. It has been a not-so-well-kept secret that Apple has been trying to completely re-write the software for a long time. There have been several false starts and scrapping of projects. It’s...


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