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April 3, 2012  1:07 AM

Kepler – Tegra 4 – The next Superphone processor

Posted by: Nathan Simon
ASUS, GPU, Kepler GPU, Nvidia, Tegra 3, Tegra 4, Transformer Pad Infinity

Update April 10th 1.8GHz Tegra 4 Coming Q1 2013 According To Leaked NVIDIA Roadmap read more here. Original Post Are you waiting...

April 7, 2010  3:02 AM

Adobe Flash 10.1

Posted by: Nathan Simon
adobe, flash 10.1, GPU, h.264, hardware accelerated, media accelerator, net-book, Netbook, public beta, smartphone

Adobe Flash 10.1 is hardware accelerated! Check out the details here. What they say we will see is significant resource reduction while viewing H.264 video and playing flash...

October 12, 2009  2:43 AM

Nvidia’s New GPU

Posted by: Nathan Simon
AMD, Direct X 11, Fermi, gaming graphics, GDDR5, GPU, Intel, Nvidia, Nvidia's Fermi-based GF100, Radeon HD 5800

Its called "Fermi" Nvidia's new super GPU. It has around 3 billion transistors, which is three times the amount of transistors in Nvidia's most powerful GPU. Fermi will contain 512 processing cores, they say that this would enable scientific breakthroughs, and can only be possible with the new...

January 5, 2009  1:20 AM

Intel to Produce High-end GPU

Posted by: Nathan Simon
AMD, CNET, GPU, graphics processing unit, Intel, Larrabee, Nvidia

Here is an insert from CNET News... "Intel, never one to shrink from competition, announced that it would enter, by 2010, the market for high-end graphics chips. The chip, code-named Larrabee, would give Nvidia and AMD something...


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