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December 20, 2010  8:47 PM

Google Cr-48 Chrome Laptop

Posted by: Nathan Simon
ACER, Chrome OS, Cr-48, Developers, Droid, engadget, facebook, Google Chrome, MacBook, Netbook, Windows XP

I was browsing around and came upon an article about Google's new Chrome Netbook. I have been looking around for an image to load up on my Acer Netbook, as it would probably run a little smoother than Windows XP, besides, all i ever used that Netbook for was playing music, watching videos, and...

November 22, 2009  4:30 PM

Internet Explorer 9

Posted by: Nathan Simon
Bing Maps, Direct2D, Firefox, Google Chrome, Hardware accelerated 2D, IE9, Internet Explorer, Internet Explorer 9, Java, Safari

Well its about time the Microsoft is putting some new and useful things into IE9, instead of waiting for Google Chrome or Firefox to implement some cool new feature, then just copy it... here is a statement from Dean Hachamovitch.

"This is a direct improvement to everybody's usage of...

August 5, 2009  1:18 AM

Internet Explorer 8 or Firefox 3.5

Posted by: Nathan Simon
Firefox, future of browsing, Google Chrome, IE8, which browser would you use?

Well Firefox hit the 1billion mark for downloads on July 31st, they are now at 1,000,122,057 downloads! Internet Explorer 8 is up there, but no where near that number... according to sources familiar with Microsoft's statistics there has been more than 200 million times in the last 4 months. Beta...

January 10, 2009  5:52 PM

Google Chrome 2.0 Pre-Beta Released

Posted by: Nathan Simon
browsing, Google Chrome, Google Chrome 2.0 Pre-Beta, Greasmonkey, Internet Explorer

One of the better updates is the fact that you can have "profiles" within Chrome, ie different homepages, favorites, and history. The update also allows for Full Page Zooming, Auto Form Completion, and Greasemonkey. Don't know what Greasemonkey is check


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