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April 9, 2010  2:19 AM

Nvidia Optimus

Posted by: Nathan Simon
alienware, ASUS, dell, Direct X 11, discrete graphics processors, Intel, laptop, Nvidia,, Optimus

Hey everyone, I had reviewed the alienware laptop a few posts ago, here is the technology being utilized.

"With Nvidia's Optimus technology, you get the best of both worlds, as general application and multimedia duties are handled by Intel's HD graphics for improved battery life, and...

March 11, 2010  3:04 AM

Alienware M11x

Posted by: Nathan Simon
alienware, back-lit keyboard, Call of Duty "World at War", crysis, dell, gamer, M11x, Netbook, web camera, Windows 7

Ever wanted a netbook that could truly do it all? Well now you can own such a beast, or should I say Alien... Meet the Alienware M11x. Now you wont have to lug a bulky computer around to LAN parties, this little guy will fit into your backpack. With the ability to play Crysis and Call of Duty...

January 28, 2010  4:35 AM

IPad – 60 days and counting

Posted by: Nathan Simon
3g, ACER, Apple, AT&T, dell, HP, Ipad, Netbook, Safari, tablet, WiFi

Well Apple is finally going to release its version of the tablet PC, its just under two months to launch and it is said that there is no Canadian data deal. With the low cost of the tablet, it might seem attractive, for the WIFI version that is, but the 3G model will incur a data plan of sorts....

January 13, 2010  4:02 AM

Dell goes Rugged

Posted by: Nathan Simon
dell, Dell Optiplex, desktop, harsh environments, Optiplex XE, small form factor, stability

Dell announced the OptiPlex XE, although it carries a slightly higher price tag for the processing power, they are built to withstand higher temperatures, dust, and 24/7 run times. Here is an insert from

With its long lifecycle, superior manageability and purpose-built design,...

November 16, 2009  4:02 AM

Nvidia calling out Intel on their “tactics”

Posted by: Nathan Simon
dell, HP, Intel, intel larrabee, netbooks, Nvidia, Nvidia Ion

More news on Nvidia and Intel, or should I say Intel vs Nvidia.

Nvidia is the world's leading supplier of "discrete," or standalone, graphics chips but takes a distant second place in overall market share to Intel, which supplies "integrated" graphics built into the chipsets that...

June 15, 2009  8:50 PM


Posted by: Nathan Simon
dell, Green Tech, Jocko Chan, LOOP, re-use, recycle, regeneration, Regeneration International Green Computing Technology Design Competition

Wouldn't it be interesting if you could purchase a PC, not have to use screws, not have to constantly rip apart your PC, junk old parts, and replace them, only to repeat this once every 1-2 years? Jocko Chan from Hong Kong has a novel idea. Basically its a designer chassis that required no screws...

February 12, 2009  3:09 AM

NetBooks What are they good for?

Posted by: Nathan Simon
ACER, ASUS, dell, HP, IT professional, N270, N280, Netbook, Samsung, SSD, Windows XP, Z520, Z530

I’ve been following Netbooks closely, not too close, but close enough :) Jenny, yes our Jenny, asked me a couple notable questions. Answering that question will inform people that there are options out there to make the Netbook experience a joyful one. "I enjoyed your coverage on...

January 7, 2009  1:49 AM

Netbooks are getting bigger!

Posted by: Nathan Simon
CES 2009, dell, dual core, HP, Intel, mini 12, Netbook

Intel wanted to keep Netbooks at 10" or less, Dell and Samsung are now each releasing 12" netbooks. What does this mean? Well its one less reason to not buy a more expensive dual core laptop(which Intel sells at higher prices and higher margins.) Intel is not happy about this, they say that...


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