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February 6, 2012  4:54 PM

Guide to VMware Data Protection Whitepaper

Posted by: Nathan Simon
backup, backup and recover, data, ebook, environment, free, hyper-v, intro to VMware, recovery methodologies, Veeam, Virtualization, vsphere

Eric Siebert, vExpert, wrote a series of pdf documents that explain how backups work in the VMware Environment, including an intro to VMware, backup and recovery methodology, data recovery in virtual environments, as well as a brand new document about choosing the right backup solution. Here is...

May 23, 2011  5:21 PM

Laser puts 26Tb/sec through fibre

Posted by: Nathan Simon
data, fast Fourier transform, fibre, future of internet, laser, Professor Freude, throughput

So cool! Fibre optics might just receive an upgrade in the not so far future!

Researchers have set a new record for the rate of data transfer using a single laser: 26 terabits per second.
That's crazy, to think that someday data transfer rates will be instataneous from...


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