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September 8, 2010  5:56 PM

BlackBerry Torch 9800

Posted by: Nathan Simon
BlackBerry, BlackBerry 8900, multimedia, OS 6, Torch, touch screen

Well i know some of you out there already have one, I am waiting to get my hands on my own soon. It will be available in Canada around Sept-Oct. The new OS 6 looks amazing, finally the blackberry has caught up to the iPhone in sheer enjoyment of just using the device... check the Torch out

July 29, 2010  4:45 AM

New Blackberry 9800

Posted by: Nathan Simon
BlackBerry, Blackberry 9800, hybrid, ipod, new, OS 5, OS 6, RIM, slider, touch screen

I've been noticing a lot of stories popping up about Blackberry's device that should help businesses keep away from iPhones. Here is an insert with some information and specs on the new phone.

RIM is expected to announce details of the iPhone-esque BlackBerry 9800 next week. Don't...

May 24, 2010  5:53 AM

Opera Mini 5

Posted by: Nathan Simon
BlackBerry, browser, download, mobile browser, Opera Mini 5, smart-phone, streaming, tabbed browsing, YouTube

Well they've done it, release a browser that actually works well with my blackberry... for the past 6 months I have been using Opera Mini 5 Beta 2, i was very impressed. I was so impressed that I...

May 11, 2010  3:14 AM

Google Android surpasses iPhone in the US Q1

Posted by: Nathan Simon
Apple, bbm, BlackBerry, Blackberry Messenger, Google Android, iphone, os 4, RIM

Well i figured it was coming, Google Android is quickly climbing to be the number 1 selling smart phone in the US, in less than 6 months it has exceeded iPhone sales, and is moving fast to compete with RIM. They need an app that can emulate and interact with BlackBerry Messenger, then I would even...

April 9, 2010  1:12 AM

iPhone / iTouch OS 4 Introduced

Posted by: Nathan Simon
Andriod, Apple, BlackBerry, enterprise, iphone, itouch, multitasking, new iphone os, os 4

Well Apple finally touts a new operating system for their iPhone and iTouch devices.

The iPhone OS 4 multitasking functionality is not as advanced as some smartphones can deliver, he added. It is based on a multitasking tray that lets users switch between software or a certain service...

February 25, 2010  1:33 AM

BlackBerry Bold 9700 (Bold 2)

Posted by: Nathan Simon
BlackBerry, Bold 2, Bold 9700, Cisco, Curve 8900, processing power, trackpad, Wi-Fi

Okay all you business people out there... I have been using my BlackBerry Curve 8900 for quite some time, I am very happy with it, everything about it is great minus a few aesthetics here and there. But what more could a young tech savvy guy like me want? You got it MORE POWER! :) With that I would...

February 25, 2010  12:53 AM

Kindle now on BlackBerry devices.

Posted by: Nathan Simon
amazon,, BlackBerry, books, e-books, ebook, iphone, kindle, new york best seller

Wanna catch up on that book your reading at home? Sitting at the mechanics waiting for you car, and the magazines there remind your of National Geographics of old? Well now there is a solution... with Amazon's Kindle app, still in beta, you can browse 420,000+ books from the online...

February 19, 2010  3:59 AM

BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express

Posted by: Nathan Simon
BES, BlackBerry, Enterprise Server, Express, Windows Mobile 7

Okay, maybe its me, but I think BlackBerry knows that Windows 7 Mobile is coming and with Windows 7 Mobile, you do not need anything in between Exchange and a Windows Mobile device. So what does BlackBerry do? They release BES Express! BES Express can be installed right on your exchange server...

February 14, 2010  8:53 PM

Windows Mobile 7

Posted by: Nathan Simon
BlackBerry, google, microsoft, smartphone, Windows 7, Windows Mobile 7, xbox live

Can Windows Mobile 7 breath new life into Microsoft smart-phones? My guess is if they put as much effort into making Windows Mobile 7 as they did with Windows 7 then we may have a worthy successor. If the mobile OS gets good ratings, it may bring Microsoft back into the...

December 29, 2009  3:09 PM

Opera Mini 5 beta 2

Posted by: Nathan Simon
BES, BlackBerry, BlackBerry Browsing, BlackBerry Enterprise Serer, cannot surf to webpage error message, entity too big, entity too large, HTTP: Error 413 - Request Entity Too large, Opera Mini, Opera Mini 5

Hey everyone, hope your holidays went well! Last night I was perusing the web on my...

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