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December, 2011

December 23, 2011  7:18 PM

HP P4000 LeftHand SAN Best Practices for vSphere 5

Posted by: Nathan Simon
HP, Lefthand, P4000, vmware, vSphere 5, whitepaper

Do you have a HP P4000 SAN and would you like to configure it based on tried and true best practices? Well look no further as VMware and HP worked together to release a whitepaper that runs you through it all!

This white paper provides detailed information on how to integrate VMware...

December 23, 2011  7:01 PM

VMware Storage and Network I/O Control for NFS

Posted by: Nathan Simon
ESXi, Network I/O Control, NFS, NIOC, performance, SAN, SIOC, Storage I/O Control, vmware, vSphere 5

Were you wondering if these two beautiful technologies when used with NFS would collide? Well look no further as this vSphere Blog explains that they in fact compliment eachother! The below insert was borrowed from

Intro to Storage I/O Control SIOC...

December 23, 2011  6:47 PM

VMware View Updated and Available from Amazon Appstore

Posted by: Nathan Simon
Amazon Kindle Fire, android, Ipad, Linux, mac, PCoIP, updated client, View Client, VMware View

Now you can access your Windows Desktop right from your Android Kindle Fire, this is good news for Kindle Fire owners, the View Client for other Android platforms has been out for months.

Work the Way You Want To on your Kindle Fire Work on your Windows-based VMware...

December 23, 2011  6:40 PM

Asus Transformer Prime (Last Update)

Posted by: Nathan Simon
Active Sync, android, ASUS, download, Eee Pad PC Suite, firmware, Gingerbread, Hasbro, Ice Cream Sandwhich, pre order, shipping, source code, Transformer Prime, Windows

I say the last update because I am tired of posting falsely, well I can only post what I find on the net so maybe its not false, just the worst launch of a product ever, and the most sought after Android Tablet to date... My update is this. The Transformer Prime has shipped to some customers, I am...

December 16, 2011  5:02 AM

Asus Transformer Prime Update!

Posted by: Nathan Simon
ASUS, iPad killer, quad-core, release date, tablet, Tegra 3, Transformer Prime

Okay... so i think it's about official... the Transformer Prime will be available before Christmas! I just hopped on over to and as of now they have a release date for the 20th of December... that is 1 day past what everyone in the whole world seems to think...

December 13, 2011  12:47 PM

Intel Sandy Bridge-E

Posted by: Nathan Simon
core i5, core i7, Core i7-3960x, CPUs, Intel, Sandy Bridge, Sandy Bridge-E

So you have the Core i7-2700k 3.4Ghz, and you thought you were the best, well one year later and meet the big brother to the Core i7, the Core i7-3960x at 3.3Ghz. Basically the 3960x is the 2700k on steroids, while clocked slower by 100Mhz(its Turbo Clock is 3.9Ghz, it has 2 extra cores (6 Cores)...

December 9, 2011  3:14 AM

Shaw and their Cisco DPC3825 DOCSIS 3.0 Gateway

Posted by: Nathan Simon
bridge mode, Broadband 50, Cisco, DOCSIS 3.0, DPC3825, Extreme Internet, home router, linksys, SHAW, transparent mode

So, you just signed up on a plan to go with SHAW HD TV, Telephone Service, and Extreme Internet, you have the new, well maybe not "new" Cisco DPC3825 Modem and you have your own router. You ask yourself, how do I set this device to bridged(transparent mode). Well that's a slightly loaded...

December 8, 2011  12:39 AM

Intel and Micron Join Forces

Posted by: Nathan Simon
IMFT, Intel, Micron, NAND, price, SSD

Intel and Micron announced a 20nm build process, and also an upgraded controller interface called ONFi 3, which increases the bandwidth from 166MT/s all the way to 333MT/s. Earlier this year, Intel and Micron's joint NAND manufacturing venture (IMFT) announced it had produced 64Gb (8GB) MLC NAND...

December 6, 2011  1:06 PM

Asus Transformer Prime

Posted by: Nathan Simon
Apple, ASUS, delays, Micro SD, Nvidia Tegra 3, quad-core, Transformer Prime, WiFi

What is being dubbed the best tablet on the market today (well it's not quite here yet) is almost ready to be released to the masses. Some stores even have demo units of the Transformer Prime. What I hear is that it will be release December 19th, but some say December 8th or 12th, so I am not too...

December 1, 2011  2:14 PM

PCIe 4.0 will be 2x Faster than PCIe 3.0

Posted by: Nathan Simon
PCI, PCI 4.0, pci express 4.0, PCI SIG, PCI-Express, Pci4.0, PCIe, PCIe 4, Pcie4, PciExpress, PciExpress4.0, PciSig, Peripheral Component Interconnect Special Interest Group, PeripheralComponentInterconnectSpecialInterestGroup

Wow, PCIe 3.0 hasn't even been out for very long, and now they are going to double the speed to 16 gigatransfers a second? That's 16 billion discrete packets...

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