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October, 2009

October 30, 2009  4:44 AM

vSwitch and vSwif Problems

Posted by: Nathan Simon
cannot bind a vmnic to a vswif, cannot connect to service console, ESX 3.5, esx networking, service console issues, vmnic not bound to service console, vmware, vnetworking, vsphere

What happens when you cannot connect to the service console anymore, and even if you had a backup service console and it wasn't working either, well i happened to me. When I attempted to attach a vmnic to a vSwitch, I got an error message, no matter what I tried I could not get it reconnected. Last...

October 27, 2009  3:42 PM

How to Properly kill a VM

Posted by: Nathan Simon
ESX Server 3.5, how to find the PID of a vm, kill -9 PID, PID, ps -ef |grep, ps auxfww | grep, vm won't respond, vmware, vmware-cmd, vmware-cmd stop, vmware-cmd stop hard, vmx, vsphere

We all know that you can use the command "ps -ef |grep (vmconfig filename.vmx)" to find the PID for a VM, but I get confused as to which number that comes up is actually the PID... I found a new command that works much better. See below. The Definitive way to Kill a PID...

October 27, 2009  1:50 PM

Windows Server 2008 File Management

Posted by: Nathan Simon
Managing files in Server 2008, Open file management, server 2008 open files, Windows Server 2008

If you are looking for Open files in Windows Server 2008 you need to find Share and Storage Management. To start the tool, choose Start > Administrative Tools > Share and Storage Management, from there you can click on Manage Open Files(from...

October 22, 2009  3:14 PM

VMware Vroom!

Posted by: Nathan Simon
ESX, iphone, rss, viigo, vmware best practices, vmware performance, vmware vroom, vSphere 4, white paper


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October 21, 2009  3:45 AM

vSphere and Datastore Monitoring

Posted by: Nathan Simon
datastore management, ESX 3.5, storage monitoring, thin provisioning, traps, Veeam Monitor, vmware, vsphere, vsphere alarms

I just wanted to point out an article that I found while searching about vSphere and Datastore management and monitoring. What would be better than being warned that your datastore is reaching a critical point, wouldn't it be nice to intercept before the VMs crash?! Of course it would. Check out...

October 20, 2009  1:31 AM

New Sysinternals Release Disk2VHD

Posted by: Nathan Simon
disk2vhd,, sysinternals, VHD, Virtual PC, Windows Server 2003 SP1, Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V, Windows XP SP2, x64

Anything from Sysinternals is worth a look, I have never used Disk2vhd, but im sure it works like a charm. Remember not to make your VHD bigger than 127GB as Virtual PC cannot handle and will not work with VHD's of that size. Also Disk2vhd runs Windows XP SP2, Windows Server 2003 SP1, and higher,...

October 20, 2009  1:22 AM

“Windows 7″ is only Three Days Away!

Posted by: Nathan Simon
App-V, application virtualization, microsoft, MSDN, October 22nd, technet, Windows 7, windows 7 release date, Windows XP

Everyone ready to buy and install the latest and greatest Operating system since Windows XP? Based on the below stats(see insert), i think it is. I for one give Windows 7 a big thumbs up. I haven't had this good of an experience with anything before retail as I have had with Windows 7 RC2. In fact,...

October 12, 2009  7:03 PM

Hosted Exchange and Outlook 2007 SPLA

Posted by: Nathan Simon
AutoComplete, AutoCorrect, Autoformat, EPIC Information Solutions, Hosted Exchange, impact of deploying Outlook 2007 without Word 2007, Outlook 2007 Client, Outlook 2007 SPLA, Services Provider License Agreement, Word 2007

EPIC Information Solutions hosts exchange for many clients, and one of those clients emailed me and asked me to fix the "AutoComplete" option in his Outlook 2007 installation. When a customer subscribes to hosted exchange we can provide them with an Outlook 2007 SPLA (Services Provider License...

October 12, 2009  2:43 AM

Nvidia’s New GPU

Posted by: Nathan Simon
AMD, Direct X 11, Fermi, gaming graphics, GDDR5, GPU, Intel, Nvidia, Nvidia's Fermi-based GF100, Radeon HD 5800

Its called "Fermi" Nvidia's new super GPU. It has around 3 billion transistors, which is three times the amount of transistors in Nvidia's most powerful GPU. Fermi will contain 512 processing cores, they say that this would enable scientific breakthroughs, and can only be possible with the new...

October 7, 2009  1:55 AM

Understanding VMware Snapshots.

Posted by: Nathan Simon
Basic System Administration, commiting snapshots, delta file, ESX, ESXi, how much space is needed to commit a snapshot, insufficient space to commit snapshot, snapshot manager, Storage, vmware, vmware backup

I wanted to clear the air on snapshots, everyone is always asking, how much space does it take to remove a snapshot, but no one has a real answer...  whatever the answer may be this information inserted from the Basic System Administration PDF, which is...

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