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December 3, 2012  9:56 AM

Encouraging talent

Posted by: S R Balasubramanian
delegation, delegation of responsibilities, employee retention, leadership, spotting talent, team management, team motivation

We often complain of overwork and lament lack of adequate support from within our department. Non-availability of the right people is the usual refrain and we wish we could

October 15, 2012  9:24 AM

Building a good team

Posted by: S R Balasubramanian
people development, team management, training, training and development

Building a dream team is a desire of all but it requires considerable doing. We sometimes have to build teams right from scratch and sometimes we either rebuild or...

October 8, 2012  4:45 AM

The magic of team dynamics

Posted by: S R Balasubramanian
CIO choices, CIO leadership, CIO options, CIO priorities, CIO role, CIO’s role, job delegation, people development, team management, training and development

A few years into my role as a CIO, I realized that having the right people in the team is perhaps the single most important factor to...

November 7, 2011  6:28 AM

Acknowledging the role of the users and the management

Posted by: S R Balasubramanian
CIO role, coordination with management, end-users, team management

We always like to complain about the lack of support from the management or non-cooperation of the end users. We say we would have gone miles, had they been kind enough to us and had helped us for the cause. The lament is justified to some extent and I agree that we, as...

November 15, 2010  11:54 PM

Dealing with attrition

Posted by: S R Balasubramanian
attrition, CIO toolkit, HR, reduce attrition, Secret tactics, skill retention, team management

All of us face attrition-related problems, more so when there is a boom or an economic revival. Though the problem is not unique to IT, it

October 4, 2010  8:30 AM

Trapped into managing gadgets?

Posted by: S R Balasubramanian
Secret tactics, team management

I have been in circumstances which I would describe as embarrassing for me as a CIO. When busy dealing with serious and strategic matters relating to the business, I would often come across a demand from the CEO or some senior functionary, asking for their gadgets to be configured. These blokes...


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