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October 1, 2012  3:45 AM

Are there limits to applying IT?

Posted by: S R Balasubramanian
career skills, CIO leadership, CIO options, CIO priorities, CIO role, CIO skills, CIO toolkit, CIO’s role, IT leadership, IT planning, IT strategy, job satisfaction

I have come across quite a few IT professionals and CIOs who desired change of jobs just because they had reached

August 27, 2012  9:36 AM

Strategic thinking

Posted by: S R Balasubramanian
BITA, CIO role, IT alignment, IT as differentiator, IT leadership, IT planning, Strategic IT

The CIO and his role is the topic of many a discussion that take place

January 31, 2011  8:09 AM

Budgeting for ‘IT’

Posted by: S R Balasubramanian
CIO toolkit, IT budgets, IT leadership, language of business

We struggle with our IT budgets every year. As the year draws to a close, we try to estimate all that is in store for the next year and go about jotting it down. The problem is that the...

January 10, 2011  8:39 AM

CIO as a custodian of IT assets

Posted by: S R Balasubramanian
CIO toolkit, IT asset custodian, IT leadership, Ownership of IT

Many years ago, as I was submitting the summary of our findings of study to the CEO of a client organization, his remarks stayed on with me for long. Our assignment was to assess

December 14, 2010  6:39 AM

Leveraging partnerships with technology vendors

Posted by: S R Balasubramanian
CIO toolkit, IT leadership, outsourcing, partnerships, vendor management, vendor relationships

I recently attended a seminar, the topic of discussion being ‘Managed Support Services’. There have been too many seminars of late, and this was one of them. Organized by a technology media company and sponsored by a leading vendor, the seminar had the hapless CIOs come over and attend. I guess...


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